Month: October 2020

Simple ways to get rid of rats at home

Rats can make your life miserable in your own home, if you have rats you need to know what is really attracting them to your home. They live inside and outside your home. These are the main things that attract rats to your home;

 Shelter & Warmth: Rats come to your house looking for shelter and they love nice warm places. Rats can hide in a living room, bedroom, bathroom, garage, and kitchen behind cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, pipework or cables, drains.

 Food: Rats can literally eat anything they come across, they eat rice, fruits, vegetables, milk, clothes, soap, meat, cereals, oats, small insects, seeds, grains, and pet food. That is why they are always attracted to garbage bins to eat trashed food.

 Leaking pipes: Rats need water too, they are attracted to leaking pipes, pet water bowls in order to get water.

 Poor sanitation: Rats are generally attracted to unhygienic places. If you have trash or garbage is scattered all over the house, sticky soda, wine, food bits, urine stains on the floor, and countertops rats will love it.

 Plants: Fruits and plants like pumpkins, potatoes, carrots act as food to rats and some plants act as hiding spots for rats.

 Pet waste: Rats eat cat, dog waste(poo).

 Holes or cracks in a wall, floor, or ceiling will give rats easy access to your home since they can squeeze through and enter your house.

Rats aren’t a good thing in your home because they can bring a lot of problems for your home,they are dangerous to humans and also cause damage to a house or property.

  • They damage furnishings since they chew wood furniture, fittings, leather, curtains, carpets, fabrics.
  • They spread diseases like plague, hantavirus, asthma, and allergies through urine, droppings(poo), and bites.
  • Rats contaminate food and drinks with their poo, urine, and hair if left uncovered which may lead to bacterial infections.
  • Structural damage to houses. Rats have strong teeth able to eat wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, water pipes.
  • Rats chew electrical wires which may cause fires at home, school, hospital, or hotel.
  • Rats carry fleas and ticks to a home.

Simple things you can do by yourself to get rid of rats at home, school, or office before contacting a pest control professional

  • Keeping your home clean and tidy.
  • Regularly check for leaks at home, if you notice any leakage like leaking pipes fix them right away.
  • Store all food in containers
  • Clean pet waste(cat,dog poo) immediately
  • Repair or seal holes, cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floors 
  • Regularly check your flower pots for any rat signs
  • Cover trash in a garbage bin with lids

If you notice any rat droppings(poo), rat holes, rat nests, scratching noises at night, tooth marks, these are signs of rat infestations. Consult a pest control professional to get help.

Home recipe to clean painted walls.

You may just not want to spend and are wondering where you could get a remedy to clean your walls, no worries, this will still protect your color of paint leaving a smile on your face at the end of the day, one step at a time with energy as always let’s get a clean wall sparkling brand new.

Mix three or four drops of dish detergent in a half-filled bucket of water, don’t forget, must be clean, wet a sponge in the mixture and wring it out dry without thinking twice, going further, wipe off the dirt and rinse the sponge and repeat as needed, now if we are to notice, a sponge isn’t missing out so far, still digging through, we need to protect our paint.

Let’s add a few extra tips majorly to look out for the color of paint; start at the top of the wall and work your way till down, rinse with water after the cleaning solution, don’t get tired just yet, we are only getting started, go ahead and use a damp rag/sponge but be careful not to do too much that will ruin the paint finish, don’t stop, use different buckets(one with cleaning solution and the other with clean water),then finally, for now, use a clean cloth/towel to dry the walls.

But honestly, you could come across a stubborn stain, in case this happens, mix a half cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of water until it forms a paste, soothingly rub that paste into the stained part of the wall and the stain shall lift. In one way or another, the stain could still be stubborn, well here is another option, mix a cup of ammonia, a half cup of vinegar, and a quarter cup of baking soda in one gallon of warm water, too much work but help full in the end, lastly, if you realize you can’t handle,#HOME CARE MANAGERS IS JUST ONE CALL AWAY FOR YOU.

Download HCM HUB APP or call 0777708899/0701828873(WhatsApp).


Bedroom chest of drawers

Admit it. You’re the kind of person with stuff and lots of it, stuffed in every corner of your bedroom or even under the bed. It takes special know-how of shapes to create the ingenious storage solutions that allow you to put everything away and let your bedroom become a room of relaxing

Some people prefer hard wood like mahogany, others Boards. I prefer boards because they are cost friendly and they don’t consume much time during manufacturing. But then, it depends on someones choice.

Get a chest of drawers that fit your style, clothes, and most importantly your space you do not need to have a squeezed bedroom. Do you? choose colors like white, baby blue, pink, etc to add a pop of color to your room. You can also choose the design or style of the wardrobes.

NOTE; Whether the chest has 2 or ten drawers, whether it’s decorative or not, the drawer can hold (or hide) a multitude of small household objects giving you a cleaner, organized bedroom. The top of the chest is a great place to display photos, flowers, candles, books, etc. If you also want a good way to organize the child’s room, the chest of drawers is ideal. It helps to fee up more floor sap[ace in the room, diapers, towels, clothes, and you can as well have a drawer for the toys.

If you’re the person who loves an organized bedroom, just don’t miss a chest of drawers in the room. There don’t lose sleep over clutter.

How to kill bedbugs using natural remedies

Bedbugs aka tiny pests can infest your home or business quickly leaving you with a big problem of sleepless nights, shame in the public, and diseases. Bedbugs are visible and they can typically go unnoticed until they have colonized your place. With bedbugs, you can experience unexplained bites, especially at night the musty smell odor, dark stains around the mattress, bed, pillows, and black pots in cracked walls. However, if you locate bedbugs before they colonize your home or business, you can use the following natural remedies to kill them off your place.

Tea Tree oil; is distilled from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia plant. it possesses and can be used to treat acne, athletes’ foot, head lice, and also kill bedbugs. Tea Tree oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are effective when used as an insecticide. One can use tea tree oil through the spray, make a mixture of two spoons of tea tree oil with 50 milliliters of water shake well, and apply to the infected areas. once the bedbug comes in contact with the tea tree oil it will break its cells thus killing it.

Diatomaceous Earth aka DE; is used to kill household pests garden pests like fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, slugs, and bedbugs. Spray the infected areas with DEpowder and we recommend you leave the powder for three days before cleaning/ vacuuming the place.

Baking soda; removes moisture from the bodies of bedbugs causing them to die out. Sprinkle an ample of baking soda into the cracks and crevices to make sure the bedbugs are coated and you have to leave the baking soda there for a few days. Baking soda absorbs all the fluids on the waxy layer of the bedbug’s shell causing them to dehydrate leading to internal bleeding thus leaving them to die out.

Steam Treatment; continued exposure to a temperature around 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bedbugs in a matter of 15-20 minutes. Hcm Hub App cleaners can shoot steam with temperatures reaching up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, in this condition bedbugs, Nymphs, and their eggs can die instantly. steam treatment is good in places like carpets, mattresses, pillows, and blasts them with heat however you have to make sure they dry to avoid the growth of molds in those areas.

Orange Essential oil; contains a nerve toxin called d-limonene. one has to spray the infected areas and leave it overnight because when bedbugs come in contact with the toxin they will die.

In case the tips are not enough , you can eliminate the bedbugs using home-care managers ( HCM HUB APP)

We all know how the bedbugs can easily spread and colonize your place or business, that’s why home care managers recommend us to use their best professional technicians which are well trained and know the places where bedbugs can hide. They advise us re fumigate after 3 months after fumigating for the first time.


The festive season has almost started and it’s necessary to have your lawn mowed, it’s unavoidable chore maintenance. A nicely and properly mowed lawn is pleasant for your eyes and also for the people visiting you. Cutting your grass regularly is important if you want to have an attractive & healthy lawn. It keeps the grass short and neat. There are things you have to consider before cutting the grass:

  1. Know your grass type. Knowing the type of your lawn helps you find out the optimal height at which it should grow and you’ll be able to mow accordingly to maintain this height.

     2. Cut off 1/3 of the grass height. If you cut more it can damage the roots and also promote weed growth.

There are several reasons as to why you should cut grass in the compound regularly and we’ve listed some of them,

  • Cutting grass regularly eliminates pests

                  When you let your lawn overgrow, it can easily be infested by insects and pests. Tallgrass attracts insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and pests like rats, mice, moles, rabbits, cats, dogs which can create problems with your lawn and spread various diseases. Cutting your grass regularly can prevent pests.

  • Proper mowing keeps your grass healthy and attractive. Grass tends to grow fast and should be maintained to be kept in proper shape.
  • The lawn will grow consistently and uniformly when cut regularly. This is because after mowing all the grass areas will have equal access to sun and water.
  • When grass is cut regularly it becomes easier to get rid of weeds.
  • Stronger grass.

                When your grass is cut regularly, the healthier and stronger grass shoots you will have.

It’s very important to cut your grass regularly to have an attractive, healthy lawn and also get rid of pests. But if your lawn has already been infested by pests and insects, consider contacting professional pest control services.

Reasons for painting your house.

A visitor walks into your house and notices the art of color in the interior and exterior, he or she is traumatized by your sense of creativity then asks you a sample of questions after breathing in and out while still stiff in silence by the beauty and simplicity of paint mixture and choices you made for the outstanding outcome. Your visitor sits you down only to realize that you have written her a few questions to ask :

Why do people paint their houses?

Why is it necessary to hire someone to paint your house?

After how long should one paint the house?

Whats the best color for the interior of a house?

What’s the best time to paint your house?

We paint houses to promote stress relief, expand creative growth, bolsters memory, enhances problem-solving and motor skills, it goes further to cultivating emotional growth and stimulating an optimistic attitude. Paint lasts for a minimum of ten years if it’s quality and also depending on the congestion in your house like dogs, kids and frequent parties which makes the painting age a bit faster. Now in this situation, one is forced to repaint sooner not because of it chipping or fading paint but rather just looking for a change and in search of a new taste of their home

Always hire a professional if you cant be one for yourself, this will give you a higher quality of paint job, saves your time, and fulfills the value of your wage to is the fullest satisfaction, it’s so impressive that they apply one coat of paint within two hours.

The best color recommended to paint in the interior of your house is green, this is because of its sense of nature it holds within without complexity, well as for me its sky blue, we all have different tastes, in the end, share your best color and we explore the art in painting together.

Take a sip into


Importance of wardrobes.

When it comes to organization, I must say women have it at 100%, from clothes, shoes plus everything else we believe should not be seen, it’s said a woman or a man’s wardrobe is one of the most exciting to look out for, well as for me it is, I can mean to spend on my outlook than what I eat, call it unhealthy, yes! but once in a while, now let’s get to where we protect eyes and hands from sinning, the wardrobe which some call a closet, clothes wardrobe storage, and other names you are willing to share with us.

Listing down the types of wardrobes that are, hinged, sliding, and mirror wardrobes.

-Sliding wardrobes have a modern take on traditional hinged door wardrobe styles.

-Hinged wardrobes are the most popular wardrobe styles.

-Mirror wardrobes which I believe are our favorite are one of those you should never miss out on to add extra dimensions to your bedroom.

Some of us may ask ourselves what the best wardrobe is made out of! but honestly, you never go wrong when it comes to wood because it stands the best of times and is a visual appeal of natural can therefore be played about into any sculpture that you want it to be.

Most times we ask about how we can build the perfect wardrobe,i personally do and come to a conclusion that i can just get wood,a hard cutter and shape then boom!,but NO it doesn’t workout that way,we must always look at the quality not the quantity,be willing to invest,go further to the versatility and its function plus not forgetting the development of strong personal style and perfect signature look.all this wardrobe taste is either for your kitchen,bedroom or bathroom.

NOW LETS NOT FORGET KIDS THE REASONS WHY SMILE.Its short and precise just like how easy it is to come about making them happy,In conclusion,they aren’t complicated.Just a mixture of color,the design for a prince or a princess and your good to go.

Let you and your loved ones live in royalty with every bit of tap it always starts with you,store your outfits and utensils safe from any damage,be it weather or anything else that comes to mind.


Flowers are a blessing to every home, this could be either indoor or outdoor plants. Indoor means you can hang your flowers in a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Flowers enhance the appearance of a home, increase creativity, reduce stress, improve air quality around the home, and boost our mood by making us feel good and happy. Not every plant is good to be placed indoors because can be toxic to both humans and animals resulting in allergies, skin reactions

If you love indoor, balcony plants or flowers, placing them in a hanging metallic pot holder is a good option to make them even more attractive. This is a good choice if you don’t have enough space, you can hang them in a room or balcony and you will build your own unique garden. Metal flower pot holders can be made in different designs, some designs are complex while others are simple. Below are some of the benefits of metallic hanging potholders

  • Metallic hanging pot holders are versatile
  • They are strong and durable

If you plan on growing plants in your home or office, choose plants that won’t cause problems to your health and family and also choose potholders that are environmentally friendly. Hope you are all doing fine, thank you for reading this post

How to Remove molds on Grout

Molds thrive best in warm places and moist areas with poor circulation since they have high humidity which attracts the growth of molds in places like bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings, laundry places, basement. The porous nature of the grout makes it particularly susceptible to mold growth. when the molds grow up it makes the bathroom, kitchen floors look dirty, old but also risky to people in your home. molds can pose a health problem especially for people with allergies and existing respiratory problems which weakens the immune system. Molds can be found in both indoor and outdoor environments and the following are some of the ways you can remove molds on the grout.

Keep doors and windows open for long as possible to ensure there is proper flow of air in the rooms, always keep the kitchen windows open so that steam escapes when cooking, open the bathroom doors when not in use and leave the bathroom window open before and after during a shower.

Wipe down the shower walls/ floors after bathing or use. The latter in the bathroom collects its self around the corners which brings molds slowly by slowly since they love moist places, thus grows around the tile grout. you can use a towel or washcloth to clean the floor to keep it dry.

Fix leaky faucets and showerheads to remove the source of excess moisture in your bathroom and kitchen which encourages the growth of molds.

Seal the grout. Apply a coat or two silicon-based grout sealers to dry out. lt will reduce the speed at which moisture can penetrate the porous leading to no molds arising on the grout.

Use distilled water and white vinegar in a bottle spray and apply it to the walls/ floors and wait for 30 minutes, then scrub the surfaces and rinse with warm water.

However molds can cause such symptoms to people if they stay in the environment for so long .for example blocked nose, watery eyes, sneezing, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, etc. If you cant the mold in your environment due to the problem you have to reach professional service providers from HCM HUB APP to help and keep your health and family safe.


What if you are too scared to fix it? what will you do? what will be your next step? Click and get it with as HOME CARE MANAGERS take it from there to fix it

Sometimes we can’t tell what’s happening until we face it, many of the issues our houses face mainly are electrical, you wake up one morning to hear a house got burned because of poor electric connections, inadequate overload protection, and often dangerous wiring connections.

Most times we ignore the little things like buzzing sounds and dimming lights, chewed wires, scorching and smoke from wires, the feel of warmth and vibrating wall outlets plus one of the most common, smell for burning odd odors, we may not always see these because of how busy we assume to be only to realize that memories are lost forever. The quickest way you can go about this is by turning off the power to the device and disconnect the wires to reduce the amount of heat and corrosion.