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Waking up to a blocked toilet, sink, bathtub or shower can be a nightmare. Clogged drains are the most common plumbing issues faced by different properties like homes, schools, hotels, offices & hospitals. If your toilet, sink, or bathtub is having any of the following signs, you’re likely to have a clog or blockage. If water is slow to drain from your sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower, bad odor coming from drains, water coming out from beneath your toilet, splashes of water on the floor near the sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub.

Below is a list of common causes of clogged sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and shower

Hair. Hair clogs are most common in bathroom sinks, bathtubs or shower drains. This could be human hair or animal fur.

Food waste or particles. These particles collect over time and form a clog or blockage.

Soap. Soap can accumulate over time in the sink, shower causing a slow drain.

Small objects. This includes jewelry, toys, condoms, eggshells, etc. These particles get stuck in the drain and end up causing clogs or blockages.

Fats, grease, or oils. This includes butter, cream, vegetable oil, & chocolate. These substances build up and cause blockages, especially in the kitchen sinks.

Wipes & diapers. These are too heavy to be flushed down the toilet and can easily cause a blockage.

The toilet trap is blocked. It’s designed to hold standing water & keep sewer gases from entering your home, if blocked it makes a toilet clog.

If you notice any toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower blockage signs, here are the home remedies you can use to get rid of the blockage before contacting a professional plumber;

Baking soda & Vinegar. Mix baking soda with vinegar and pour into the blocked drain, let it sit for about an hour, and then flush it out with hot water.

Salt & baking soda. Combine baking soda & salt and pour it into the drain, wait for like 30 minutes, and then pour boiling water down the drain.

Wire hanger. Make the hanger straight, wear gloves and gently push it down the drain

Salt & boiling water. First, pour a cup of table salt into the drain, let it sit for a few minutes then pour boiling water.

Lemon juice & baking soda. Mix lemon juice with baking soda and pour it into the sink drain and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Garbage disposal.Dump food waste, wipes, diapers, toys, hair, oils, condoms, eggshell in garbage bins

If you have tried the above remedies and blockage persists, consider contacting a professional plumber for help.


Often times we come into relation with places that really look so organized in a way that it scars you if you aren’t in that category, mention it at home or our workplaces with files and paperwork scattered all over no matter how much effort you put in to keep them easily accessible according to their dates, months years and events. It brings us down to deciding to get a filing cabinet as the only option.

There are six types of filing cabinets; lateral filing cabinets, vertical filing cabinets, mobile filing cabinets, open shelf cabinets, flat filing cabinets, and fireproof filing cabinets.

Lateral filing cabins are designed for use in high volume work since they can hold a large amount of paperwork at once, they are wider than they are deep. They accommodate both letter and legal-size hanging folders.

Vertical filing cabins are commonly referred to without much difficulty, insertion or withdrawal of any papers or letters is done without much wastage of time and effort plus they are very cheap.

Mobile filing cabins increase storage security, lets you plan for expansion, allow you to use space efficiently, and also is cost-effective.

Filing cabinets are a piece of furniture characterized by drawers that hold papers in vertically placed folders, they facilitate organizing, removing, and using such documents. Now sometimes you could ask yourself what if a hazard comes up like a fire, what will you do?.it’s simple to buy yourself a fireproof cabinet in which strong metals and strict welding techniques are produced for their safety.

Questions to refer to and get answers in connection to filing cabins; How do you organize a personal cabinet? What can you use instead of a filing cabinet? What do you store in a filing cabinet? Why are some filing cabinets expensive?. Keep your files and paperwork organized as your desktop gets the refreshment of space it needs.

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Home drains like manholes, sinks, showers, trenches, bathtubs are important but sometimes can act as a perfect home and breeding place for pests like cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, rats, snakes, millipedes, centipedes. A drain is a system of pipes or channels used to carry away waste and water from a building. They are a spot for stagnant water, food waste, garbage, bacteria, hair

Pests tend to migrate looking for food and dark places to live in and sometimes squeeze themselves out of the holes, cracks in the drain covers, and enter buildings like homes and businesses. Pests can be a major problem in your home because they spread germs, destroy houses, contaminate food. Here are the easy ways you can get rid of pests in your drains

  1. Unclog sink, shower, toilet, and tub drains because pests tend to hide inside them, pests are happy when they’ve found a slow-moving drain. You can use baking soda, salt, soap, and vinegar to unclog drains

2.Clean drains regularly to prevent insects from making their way into them. Remove hair, food waste, and garbage from drains. Take good care of your drains

3. Consider covering drains like trenches, manholes with drain covers to protect accidental or unauthorized access.

4. Keep your sinks, showers, bathtubs as dry as possible.

5. Keep your home free from rotting food and garbage

6. Seal your pipes, make sure your pipes are free from holes.

7. Remove all junk in your sink, shower, bathtub drains. this junk includes hair, food wastes, garbageRemove all junk in your sink, shower, bathtub drains. this junk includes hair, food wastes, garbage

9. Regular fumigation of drains like manholes, trenches will keep those pests away, this is why you should consider fumigating manholes at home every time you are spraying for pests at home.

If you have used the above remedies and you still notice cockroaches, flies, bedbugs, rats, snakes. millipedes, centipedes consider getting in touch with professional pest control services.


Homeowners/landlords always repair their properties when needed. Landlords may view repairing as an annoying expense but it’s very important if you want to yield more from the house/property ( you cant get milk from a cow without feeding it).

As a tenant you have responsibilities of taking care of the property for example;

  • Fixing any damage to property caused by negligence
  • Keeping the interior in good shape i.e. when children write on the walls, one has to repaint it, hammering nails, etc.
  • A tenant should not change any appliance in the house without the consent of the landlord unless its damaged.

The landlord has the responsibility to extend services to the common parts of the building like;

  • stairs
  • lifts
  • sewerage
  • roof damages
  • halls
  • making adjustments if the tenant is disabled

If the house is not safe for the tenant to live in, it might be unfit for human habitation. Therefore the landlord has to make sure that the property is fit for human habitation by repairing it. Your property is not fit if;

  • there is no water
  • there is infestation of pests like rats
  • problem with dampness
  • no rubbish bins.

And for the above, it doesn’t matter if the problem was there at the start or appeared later. However, the landlord doesn’t have to make sure your home is fit for human habitation if the tenant caused the problem;

  • Not looking after your home, dumping rubbish anyhow.
  • Being negligence, leaving a candle burning when moving out.
  • kids hammering the walls when playing.
  • poor handling of clients. etc

Therefore, before occupying the landlord has to provide a tenant’s agreement for easy repairing of the property.

by Harriet @homecaremanagers


You might just wake up one morning with a mind that just wants the whole house changed to something new, well, the thing is sometimes your wrong and sometimes your right, go through some questions before you make up your mind.

Why do you need to renovate? What should you change? Everything or a few? Is it all worth it? Give yourself reasons before you look back and regret . Renovations enhance the living of comfort and indoor climate.

Renovation refers to the process carried out to upgrade an existing structure in order to improve performance by either altering the scope of structure, providing additional facilities, or improving, this helps you as a property owner to add value to your property, it also improves the appearance, ensures you get more satisfaction and even improving your lifestyle. You could ask yourself if it’s better to renovate or buy and it will be renovated because it gets stronger with age and financially you get to save more.

When we get down to what renovations add value, we shall add up with, siding replacements, window replacements, a minor kitchen remodel, garage door replacement, and manufactured stone veneer. These renovations must extend the useful life or capacity of the asset, it’s advisable to always renovate every after 15 to 20 years at most so that you evaluate your home.

You will feel the worth of renovation when you weigh if you bought a completed property and it’s adding up to what you could spend on changing the look of your home. if it does, it isn’t worth it. Don’t forget that you renovate in order to satisfy your comfort, hence don’t hesitate to spend on an old house because it pays back.

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Windows and doors play a very important role in our homes, they provide safety & security, ventilation and light, control smell and sounds inside and outside the house, prevent insects from entering your home. Having a broken glass window or door puts the home at a high risk of an intruder entering into the house and it also affects the appearance of the house. Broken glass windows/doors can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Temperature changes; Temperature changing from hot to cool or cool to hot inside and outside your home can affect window/door glasses. It makes the glass expand & contract which can break it if there is no space provided at the perimeter.
  • Improper Installation; Minor damages or cracks during installation can lead to larger breaks or when the glass isn’t properly installed within the frame.
  • Accidents; Minor accidents like hitting the glass with a stone, ball, or stick can break the window/door glass.
  • Weather changes; heavy rains and strong wind can blow objects like tree branches, plants to the window hence breaking it.
  • Weak and inadequate glass thickness. A weak or thin glass can easily be damaged by wind.
Broken glass window

Below are the measures you can take to protect your window/door glasses from easily breaking or cracking;

  • Use strong and thick glass windows/doors
  • Hire experienced professionals to install windows and doors 
  • Install burglar proofs to protect the windows and doors and also people at home from intruders. They can be used in both residential & commercial properties.
  • Measure your glass windows and frames before installation to ensure that the glass properly fits into the frames
  • Install protective window film to prevent the glass from breaking.

If you have cracks in your window or door contact a professional metal fabricator/welder to determine if your window can be repaired or needs a replacement. The more the crack grows the more dangerous it becomes.

Mosquito repellent natural plants

Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. lt is preventable and curable. Many countries have come together to solve the problem of malaria, thus providing for vaccines for born babies and kids, providing free medicine, providing mosquito nets to pregnant mothers, kids, and homes for free. However, there are natural plants that are non-toxic which can be planted around our homes and backyards to repel mosquitoes.

Lavender; provides good germ-fighting properties and also promotes healing. the lavender plants can be used to repel against many pests like moths, ticks, and mosquitoes as well due to their accent smell. Research shows that lavender oil possessed a 93%repellent to mosquitoes. Animals like rabbits love the lavender plant that they cant decimate it. The lovely fragrance which comes out from their essential oil is found on the leaves of the lavender plant that hinders the mosquitoes to repel against it. The following are the ways One can grow the lavender plant in their homes and backyards; 1. you have to provide 6 hours of full sun each day. 2. Apply very little water 3. Grow the lavender in well-drained areas or raised beds. 4. if your soil is sandy, mix in some gravel to improve the drainage. 5. Lastly make sure you have good airflow around the lavender plant.

RoseMary; is another great mosquito repellent plant in our homes and backyards. Rosemary controls pests like Mosquitoes, flies, and ticks. With Rosemary very family is familiar since it’s used as a herb to be taken on tea and used as a spice in food and its woody scent is what exactly repels the mosquitoes away. Rosemary does best in hot and dry climates and thrives in contains.

Citronella grass; belongs to the family of lemongrass due to its scent like lemon and in Africa, it’s called lemongrass and very many homes have it or grow it since it’s used as a herb and used on tea as a spice. ln Africa people are finding ways to repel mosquitoes in their homes and surroundings and citronella grass is one of the most common solutions to repel mosquitoes. One can dry the citronella grass and apply it on the skin since it’s non-toxic to the body, due to its smell it’s repellent to the mosquitoes.

Mint; fragrances are unpleasant to mosquito’s keen senses, The mere presence of peppermint plants can ward off these pesky flying insects to some degree, which includes mosquitoes as well. you can also turn peppermint into personal repellent by crushing the leaves and rubbing them to your skin, thus mosquito repellent to your body. you can grow the mint in your pots on your window where it can be easily reached and also if you want to apply it in your tea to feel the aroma.

Sage; if you love gathering around a fire pit in your home or backyards, then plant some sage nearby to repel the mosquitoes and enjoy your moments around a fire pit. Herbaceous sage deters the pesky bugs without chemicals and bad smells, Dry sage from your garden, or purchased bundles typically used for smudging an ancient ritual for cleansing space and people. Toss a bundle in the fireplace and enjoy the wild mosquito fee area/air. you can dry the sage and make a homemade mosquito repellent to spray indoor.

According to the world health organization (WHO) research, 11 countries Uganda include, have come up with ways to stop the spread of malaria in Africa since no one should die from the disease that can be prevented and diagnosed and can be curable with the available treatment. As the government is fighting the spread of malaria which is caused by mosquitoes, we can also help it by planting repellent natural plants or use the professional service providers from HCMHUBAPP to help you to fumigate the mosquitoes in your home.


Your comfort and health is first thing that should come to mind once a scent changes and is disgusting,find out more information with how,where and when.


You could be wondering why I first put this image, aside from getting your attention, let’s start with something positive then we see where we land in the end, oftentimes we ignore the small things that could eventually turn to disaster for our nostrils. Let’s find out first what we can do to give a bedroom a fresh scent;

Identify the odor and its where bouts the moment you smell it, it could be your carpet, laundry, sheets or even your windows, go lower to dusting your room from top to bottom as you clean the floors and open the windows,get tired while you wash your sheets, laundry and turn on the humidifier, then relax as you listen to the rhythm of the music as you sip a cup of drinking chocolate.

The last place you could look for someone when they are nowhere to be seen are the washrooms, now what if you check and the smell from within pulls your attention? will you run away? obviously you would love to, even I could too, but you need to first find the solution, first and foremost, look around your sink and toilet seat, the shower curtain or liner then finally the walls and floor, next step if it’s one of them, get warm water mixed with detergent and play along with it. Scrub the walls and rinse with warm water, this includes the floor and sink plus toilet exclusive where you use vim, but if you can’t afford it,buy a coke and pour around your toilet in then scrub with detergent too, if all this fails and the scent persists, use an air diffuse.

The best home fragrances you should use to remove bad smells are; white company large pomegranate candles and neon happiness candles, now I have mentioned a few but there are more, you can as well boil cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, citrus peels, fresh ginger, and masala teabags these will mix up every uncomforting odor, I shan’t forget baking soda and charcoal or kitty litter, they soak up any moisture in the air and get rid of the smell, place them in a bowl near the masty smell. Kindly make sure they don’t reach the little ones.

A house can smell because of pet accidents, leftover food, dirty laundry, stagnant water, dust, or even yourself.

stagnant water and dirty laundry

what more fragrances can you use?

what specific detergent should you use?

what more apart from what you have given can give a bad smell?

What’s the meaning of masty and humidifier?

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Floating shelves are beautiful and functional as they bring beauty and uniqueness to your room. If you have limited space at home, getting floating shelves is the best solution to maximize your space. They can be hanged directly on the wall or corner of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, office to fill up the corner space.


Floating shelves can be made in different kinds;

  •    Wood floating shelves

        They are made in hardwood and strong enough to hold any item you want to display or keep on them

wooden floating shelves

 Glass floating shelves

        They are made in glass to enhance the view of items placed on them and also create a lighting effect in a room.

We’ve listed some of the benefits of using wall floating shelves at home or work place

  •  Storage

                Floating shelves can be used to store books, toys, toilet paper, detergent, plates, cups, perfumes, accessories, shoes, soap. It keeps safe and easily accessible

  • Organization and neatness

                Having stuff scattered everywhere will make your room messy, bring order to your room by organizing stuff in wall floating shelves. They maintain neatness at home.

  • Display & showcase decor

                  Use floating shelves to display photos, art, books, glasses, flower pots. They make your room look and feel bigger.

  • Beautiful & unique

         They make your interior design look stylish and unique. Floating shelves add perfection to your wall and elegance to your room. They look good and fun when mounted on the wall.         

  • Wall floating shelves can be used anywhere you want to add extra storage in the house. They can fit in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, bathroom.
  • Strong and durable

                 Wall floating shelves are strong enough to hold items you place on them since they are attached to the wall with screws.     

  • Affordable and easy to maintain    

                Wall floating shelves are affordable and easily cleaned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Home remedy for mattress cleaning.

First and foremost I would like to give a sample of questions that will guide us while it leads us to the main results of your problem and finding a solution. What causes yellow stains on mattresses?, How can you go about it to remove the yellow stains?, How can you clean memory foam? What if the mattress has been made wet with urine?, and last but not least, after how long must you clean your mattress?

clean,clear and fresh.

We all want an outstanding plus fresh scent whenever we lay our heads and bodies to rest because at the end of it all you have to get out of it, what if you have found a yellow stain the moment you wake up which is brought about from sweat, urine, and oils, these bring about molds and mildew, don’t panic, mix together dish soap, baking soda with hydrogen peroxide in order to create a mattress stain remover, use a spray bottle as well to best apply the mixture. You will notice that once you have sprayed, blotted, or rubbed using a towel or rug , there will be a difference, but once you don’t have organic detergent at home, try using water mixed with apple cider vinegar, place the mixture too in a spray bottle and spray your mattress lightly then immediately scrub the stained area quickly with a clean absorbed cloth, know that the apple cider vinegar soaks up unpleasant odors while diluting the stain.

It is what we use for the body but it can be applied in our daily lives.
This whitens and reduces blemishes on your mattress.

Let’s turn the table around, what if it’s urine this time, will you just have to remove the mattress cover and wash it, no, I don’t you should do that, the first step i can give you is to eliminate moisture, cover the stain with vinegar, blot it up, spray it down, blot it again, cover the stain then with baking soda then vacuum up the baking soda, this prevents your mattress from future stains with a mattress protector. Baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer, once you sprinkle it over your mattress surface and live it rest for 30 minutes, it shall yield better results for you.

Freshen your memory mattress foam with a deodorizing agent then lightly sprinkle some baking powder on your memo foam, still go further into treating any stains with mild dish soap, vacuum up the residue, choose a deep cleaning method for the type of bedding and dry it thoroughly, a memory foam uses your body heat to soften and mold to your shape, once pressure is removed, memory foam will bounce back very slowly and over time remember your body shape and sleeping position, hence the name memory.

In every bit of comfort, you have to find ways of achieving them, now let’s see what the meaning of these two words are; blot and deodorizing. Blot is stain and blotting is staining. Then deodorizing is removing bad odor.

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