Benon and Stella’s Remarkable Success:

How They Walked Away with 350k in 24 Hours After Providing Technical Services Lead in Mutungo, Kampala


In the bustling neighborhood of Mutungo in Kampala, Uganda, success stories often unfold in unexpected ways. One such tale involves Benon and Stella, two individuals who recently achieved a remarkable feat by securing a lucrative deal that earned them 350,000 UUGX in just 24 hours. Their success story revolves around providing much-needed technical services that lead, to HCM showcasing the potential for entrepreneurial brilliance in the heart of Kampala.

The Genesis of the Opportunity:

Benon and Stella, both seasoned professionals in the services industry, identified an organization office block located in Mutungo that needed general cleaning of the property in Mutungo. With their combined knowledge and a keen understanding of the local business landscape, they recognized and forwarded their lead to home care managers to offer reliable technical solutions.

The duo decided to leverage their skills to address this need, positioning themselves as the go-to experts for businesses seeking innovative technical services. Their strategic approach involved not just offering solutions but also creating a network of trust within the community.

Building Relationships:

Recognizing the importance of networking, Benon and Stella attended local business events, engaged with community leaders, and established a strong bond with friends. By showcasing their care prowess and commitment to excellence, they quickly gained the trust of potential clients.

The Breakthrough:

The breakthrough came when a prominent local organization in Mutungo was grappling with renovating its property to improve its operations. Having heard about Benon and Stella’s expertise, the operation manager of the organization approached them for a solution. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the dynamic duo promptly assessed the issues and contacted HCM for a comprehensive technical services package tailored to the company’s needs.

Not only did Benon and Stella provide a swift and effective solution, but they also demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction that set them apart from competitors. Impressed by their professionalism and results-driven approach, the business not only resolved its technical challenges but also decided to engage HCM for long-term technical support.

The Financial Windfall:

The success of the initial project paved the way for more opportunities. The satisfied client not only extended their contract to HCM but also recommended their services to other businesses in the area. The word spread quickly, and within 24 hours, the building had been cleaned and the dynamic duo found themselves inundated with inquiries.

As a result, Benon and Stella earned a commission of UGX 350,000 from that contract within 24 hours in Mutungo. since the organization has signed a contract with hcm, Benon, and Stella to continue to earn commission from the same client for the next 12 months. This impressive financial windfall not only validated their business model but also highlighted the potential for success in the local market.


Benon and Stella’s story is a testament to the power of partnership with local businesses, identifying opportunities, building meaningful relationships, and delivering exceptional results. Their ability to provide valuable technical services support in Mutungo not only addressed a crucial need in the community but also showcased the immense potential for entrepreneurial success in unexpected places.

As their success continues to ripple through Mutungo and beyond, Benon and Stella serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, proving that with the right combination of skills, dedication, and strategic thinking, remarkable achievements are possible, even in a short span of 24 hours.


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