Benefits of kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers have become one of the most kitchen design people what to have in the kitchen when planning to make one or even when renovating. The kitchen drawers are used for custom storage accessories, allowing easy storage of utensils, cooking tools, kitchen towels & covers, spices. The kitchen drawers have some benefits more than the cabinets ;

More space: Kitchen drawers provide more space where the items used will be kept and look organized making the place look beautiful and elegant. The kitchen cabinet without drawers doesn’t have enough place for use unlike where you can creatre space of having like 4,3, or 2 the least.

More Organised: the kitchen drawers help the user to be organized with the material staff like spices, utensils, towels &Covers, .its easy for you to find what you want than when you have the kitchen cabinets you have to first remove one item by other to get what you want, thus stressing at times.

Easy Access: The kitchen drawers have runners that can fully extend and open to provide full access to the items stored, unlike the cabinets where a person has to lean down and reach far back to collect the items he wants.

At times the professional designers say even the looks, of how the drawers look after installments. However, one can remain with the kitchen doors but add the drawers inside it

How to clean your compound:

Did you know that if you appreciate compound interests,you basically understand the earth planet!Now lets go to another level of what are your interests when it comes to your compound?how do you go about them if they mess you up?how can we help you and see to that that you are comfortable?can we share ideas,yes we can.

They are many issues to do with our compounds,but lets tackle the part of pests,it could be snakes,termites,red ants,cockroaches,rats,caterpillars and more that can be of discomfort.

Seal cracks and holes.

Keep tree branches and shrubbery well trimmed.

Keep basements,crawl space well ventilated.

Store garbage in sealed sealed containers.

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Have you thought of considering turquoise colors for your sofas,its a rare and calm color with different shades.Turquoise has shades of blue, green, yellow but the most commonly used is turquoise blue and green.Its a very unique and elegant color making your room stand out and also a great color to have around you.All turquoise colors show a different kind of personality

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How to handle Cracked floors.

You should be worried when your floors widen at one end,don’t stumble and fall cause that’s trouble,never ignore the small things,we are going to see what causes it and find a solution to it.

sometimes it could be us that cause it and other times,poor drainage which leads to significant deterioration,with a wire brush,clean the crack,with a cold chisel and large hammer,undercut the edges of the crack,with a paint brush,coat the cracked surface with concrete bonding adhesive i cant say its the last but for now!yes.The hairline crack is an exposed surface having widths so small as to be barely perceptible.

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Having cockroaches and bedbugs in your office is a very big threat to human health and office records like box files, papers which may affect the company’s performance. Cockroaches eat food which may lead to bacterial infections, typhoid, and allergic infections to employees, visitors and also eat papers materials,glue,paste. Bedbugs and cockroaches hide in office furniture, cracks, gaps, behind refrigerators, under floor drains like manholes, sinks, under carpets. Ensure that you frequently check for bedbugs and cockroaches around your office. Inspect book bags, briefcases, jackets since they can be carried by employees, custodians, or visitors to the office.

If you notice any cockroach or bedbug infestation there are some things you can do before contacting any fumigator, identify the problem areas, eliminate things that you do not use to remove any hiding spots, notify employees so that they can take precautions both at home and office.Then download HCM HUB APP and get in touch with a professional fumigator.



Since you rest your head on your pillow every night, natural oils from your body, sweat, and other gunk will sweep into your pillows and get them dirty. This can cause a yellow discoloration in your pillows leaving a few stains and smells which will make you have uncomfortable sleepless nights instead of rest. However, as you clean the pillows, you have to clean the mattresses as well to have a full good rest in the night. But should know that you can clean your pillows and revive them instead of tossing and buying new ones unless they are too old and they need a fabric change and adding in some fiber in them to look brand new.

For one to clean your pillows check the tags on the pillows and see if they are machine washable, which can help the professional cleaners to know the type of pillow and the detergents to be used when cleaning. ln, most cases you can safely wash synthetic and down pillows. pillows should be washed at least two or four times a year (every four months) to help them last longer.

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Septic odors and smells

bad odors and smell

Septic odors and smells are never a welcoming scent in a home, thus foul. They can be dangerous since the gases excreting from the septic tank sewage systems contain carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane which can be extremely harmful if they enter the home. These gases can be toxic and result in explosions. One can use the following tips to get rid of the septic odors in their home

  • clean the drain covers with hot water as you scrub plus a septic-safe cleaner and replace it after. since sludge builds up on the drain covers bringing a foul smell in the home
  • Baking soda and vinegar, create a solution of 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 white vinegar and flush down the system followed by hot water after.
  • Baking soda. you can flush or drain the baking soda once a week to keep the smell off your home and keep it fresh.

However, if fouls smell consistently persist, its time to schedule a septic system check-up since the most common cause of excreting odors from a septic tank is that the tank is full and needs to be emptied


We all know how devastating it is to see paint peeling off from a wall, but have you ever wondered what could be the cause? here are some of the causes of paint peeling from walls. Exposure to a lot of water, if the surface wasn’t prepared well for painting, if the surface was dirty before painting, exposure to high temperature and too much sunlight can make paint peel off from the wall, painting your wall using low-quality paints is one of the causes since they do not dry or stick properly leading to paint peeling off in a short period of time, painting using expired paint and not painting the wall properly.

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leaking house roofs.

Out of some of our personal experiences ,one of our staff had a leaking roof when all she would do was stare at it till she opened up about it and all we did was laugh,at the end,#Home care managers fixed the best and lasting roof which she still thanks to date,still remains hilarious,anyways lets now get back to #your roofing,some questions to ask:how strong is your roof?what type of roof is it?,for how long have you had it?,and finally,how safe are you?.

So the best roofing you could basically ever have is concrete or clay tiles the rest are safe but not for long,is your roof the hip,flat,shed,butterfly or bramble type?one of them,YES,lets share more on the flat roofs,in case its leaking,how do you detect it?,what do you do to fix it?,what causes it and what does it cause to you?

Leaking roofs lead to growth of molds,create dampness which affects your health,it goes ahead to cause emission of chemicals from the building materials,you can detect it by simply inspecting the roof a couple of times,checking your water blockage pipes and more to add,lets see how they come about: through faulty installation,improper holes,chimney surroundings,damaged gutter and also weather effects from heavy rain,wind and storms,but hey there!just make a request and download the #Home care managers app from #google playstore then also use our link


These beautiful sofas are versatile and multi-functional, they can be put in a living room, bedroom, balcony, office, bar, hotel. They are comfortable and colorful to lighten up your room hence giving visitors a good impression. Colorful sofas are a perfect choice for your room, it makes it look elegant and can also brighten up your whole mood. You can throw in small pillows(cushions) that match with the sofa color to enhance the overall appearance of your room.Download HCM HUB APP and make a request so that you can also have them right in your room.