How to choose your painting colors

The hues’ chosen for rooms walls and ceiling can help determine if your interior design is a success or a fail. Try out this before you start painting, Bright colors- that’s vibrant shades of green & blue, yellow& orange provide an expensive feeling. These are friendly happy colors that encourage communication and are therefore welcomed in the dining and kitchen. Dark colors – such as red, purple, blue& green can have a constricting and gloomy effect but when applied in the right place they can help convey comfort security. Warm colors – orange &b yellow, they raise the perceived temperature of a room. people say they painted in rooms facing North because they inspire activity, however, one must avoid them in rooms meant for relaxation like a bedroom. Cold colors – such as icy blue & green have a calming effect. They are especially well suited for bedrooms, they help you to go to bed relaxed in the evening and wake up refreshed the next morning. The other single colors like Navy blue – it inhibits people’s willingness to communicate and should not be used in the living and dining areas. Red raises the energy level of a room but it may also make people more irritable and hostile, it should not be used in the kid’s room.

Now that you have chosen the colors to begin, consider the colors of items that already fill the space. The question is, is there a gorgeous painting on the wall? A stunning carpet? A colorful tile backsplash or a sofa?


priano wallpaper

  • Well admit it; The process of installing wallpaper is no easy feat. plus, there’s always a chance that you might grow tired of your wallpaper choice down the road, so its no surprise why many people choose to avoid it altogether. Many interior designers view wallpaper as a game-changer, as its a versatile design element that can be used to accent or old walls and fix the look of the room. Wallpapers come in different designs that are from the eye-catching florals to the colorful striped patterns, however, each design has where it fits best, that’s for the living room you can install the floral ones depending on the design of it and in the kitchen, you can apply the plan ones or striped. Next, click the link and get more help The following are the examples of wallpaper
  • Block print striped
  • Ring world
  • Blostma
  • peony
  • feather grass
  • Hornbeam
  • Tessa Rug
  • Citron vert pillow


How often do you clean your mattress?we tend to get lazy to care about these little things yet they are so important to our well being.A dirty mattress can make you so uncomfortable,sometimes you may want to grab a cup of coffee sit on your bed and watch a movie but it gets hard.Mattresses keep alot of stains like urine stains,blood stains,sweat stains,soda,wine stains which can produce a bad smell if kept for so long.These are some of the remedies you can use to get rid of stains on your own,you can use baking soda,table salt,laundry dertergent(jik,liquid soap,omo) mix with water and scrub the stained area.If the stains and odour persist contact a proffessional cleaner so that you can have a brand new looking mattress.Click here and get a professional cleaner

Kitchen deco

kitchen design

A kitchen can be an area or place where food is prepared . Most people now days mind the color put in their kitchens and the designs that’s the type and color of cabinets , the wall tiles , floor and the lighting up in the ceiling . Every color has a reason according to the person for example the black lovers say , ” Its one eye sight” , grey lovers say ” it makes you feel attached to the kitchen” , green lovers “its called nature ” , white lovers ” feel the light” . Everyone has a mind of their color and reason. Every designer has to first know the size , space and what kind of the kitchen does the owner want .Then you can begin to think of the kitchen decor for example what of shelves will be needed , kind of cabinets , pantry , the lighting also matters in the kitchen . Lighting goes with the kind of furniture put in place to make the place have bright and clear appearance to the users

perennial flowers

Balloon flower

if you don’t have perennial flowers in yard garden you’re missing out .perennial flowers tend to bloom for a shorter period of time with a show lasting a few weeks, they provide bright color in your garden and make it outstanding from other places around it. some perennials have a good scent which will make the place smell good all day and time. one has to provide sunlight to the flowers for them to provide the bloom and scent which attracts the pollinators and make them grow well with that bright color . These are some of the examples of perennial plant flowers

fixing up your toilet flash handle.

Its so disappointing when all you have been facing is a toilet flash letting you down at the last minute and you have to figure it out for yourself,first and foremost use a toilet bowl cleaner like the Clorox. Hold the flapper open and pour 1-2 cups of cleaning solution down the flash valve opening, dont allow cleaner spill over into the case it does,wipe then give the toilet space from being used for basically a fortnight but still i cant stop you from preventing the easy way out ,through requesting for the nearest technician by downloading our app from google playstore

Getting rid of pests.

If you’re reading this, am sure you face every bit of unwanted tiny visitors in and out of your house,mention it red ants,sugar insects,snakes,mosquitoes,cockroaches,plus not forgetting the most stubborn and awakening,the rats and bedbugs over all,well! you could use some home recipes like tea tree oil and eucalyptus,lemons and oranges,cinnamon,scented candles for us the ladies,garlic,flowers and much more you could probably share too,but if the worst avails and non works out,feel free to request for the nearest pest control technician using our app in order for you to feel all the comfort that your looking for from the moment you step foot out of your vehicle or means to reach home to the floor of your heaven using our link and downloading our app from play store,#HCM hub

Fixing pipelines

Things may not always seem that easy with your house hold,its so nagging when your in the middle of taking a bath or wasting out your body only to realize that one of the pipe lines is out of place or even having a leakage on the metal maybe also a blockage is possible,if in case your looking for the quickest way to handle it, i believe it would be the blockage!,well,you can use hot water,baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clear the blocked drain and dislodge it.Now we cant always force things our way cause they may get a bit stubborn,when that happens and you cant seem to fix it,then interact with us more and request for a technician through the HCM hub app.


Have you ever been irritated by the sound of a dripping tap?it can make you have sleepless nights,make the whole place dirty and lead to further damages like high water bills and also chances of causing leakages to other taps in the house.Excess water pressure and pipe issues are one of the main causes of leaking taps.When pipes have a problem,they always give warning signs like weird smells,brownish water.When you detect these signs,take time to findout where they are.Some leakage problems are easy and a person could fix them on their own while others are more complicated and will require a plumber.

Cleaning your carpet.

It was a cold Friday morning while i was from work and all i wanted was to throw my body to the floor of my carpet,but just before i could do that, i smelt something fishy and my eyes could surprisingly visualize my carpet was too dirty and actually sick ,now i couldn’t take much longer,within the shortest time i slowly sobbed in with how,where and how quick i would get the service appropriate to treat my carpet , i figured it was almost impossible to get it fixed at that time, due to the scarce or no handymen in my area. Thought of probably just powering soapy water on it, but that was crazy. One of the biggest issues in a home is getting things fixed technically. Worry not people, the easiest and quickest way to get your carpet cleaned is by using our mobile application available on google play store to request for a handyman in your area to get the neatness that you will be looking for. Download here