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some of the reasons why a washer leaks

If you have a puddle of water under your washing machine, first be sure it is not water or juice spill from your children or something else. after that you can make a full run of the washer as you normally do and see if the washer doesn’t leak at all. The following are some of the reasons why the washer might leak:

Be sure the washer drain plug is removed. if your washer is new then it comes with a drain plug that will need to be taken out before you connect a drain hose. incase you run a wash cycle and the plug is not removed, the washing machine will not drain correctly and water will end up on the floor.

When washing, be sure you are not adding excess HE detergent or adding the wrong detergent as this can cause excess suds and cause the washer to leak. Be sure you are using the correct HE washer detergent. Thus check your manufacturer’s manual to be sure you are using the amount as it recommends.

Be sure your washer is not overloaded with too much clothing or blankets, if overloaded the water may leak out. Always use the proper amount of clothing when washing and try not to overload.

Be sure your washer is completely level by adjusting the washer’s feet. use a level and place it on top of your washer to be sure. if the washer is not level, it can leak out water as washers are designed to be used on a fully flat surface. The washer legs are there so if your floor is not level you can level the washer easily.

Water supply hoses to your washer usually have a mesh screen filter where the water hose connects to the washer. if these are very dirty and blocked, these can cause water leakage. check the water hose mesh screen filter to be sure they are not clogged and causing a leak by not letting the water fully enter the washer.

Check and be sure the drain hose is 100% secure to drainpipe or standpipe. if lose it may leak and leave water on the floor or under the washing machine. Also, be sure the drain where the washing machine water flows out is not blocked or clogged

All in all, check your washer before use and let it stay on a flat surface when in use. incase you can’t operate it in case of a leakage call a service provider from HCMHUB APP OR Call the support team 0n 0701828873 Whatsapp/0777708899


Flower pots are sometimes regarded as planters or a plant pot which is a container in which flower pots have a number of uses such as plants to new locations, starting seeds, patio, and indoor. A taller and thinner shape of the pot is suitable for deep rooting plants. They are easy and fun to craft . In Africa, concentrating on Uganda, we majorly use clay pots which provide a healthy environment for most plants. The porosity of clay allows air and moisture to penetrate the sides of the pot. This moisture and air are utilized by the fine roots located at the edge of the soil ball. Clay pots also act as a wick to remove excess moisture from the potting soil.



Now we also have pots known as terra cotta, theses are what other materials try to recreate as pots, they easily break and are heavy and vulnerable to cold weather, these are made from baked clay, once water remains in the clay during cold weather, the pot can flake and crack. Notice that these are demerits of this kind.


This nature of flower pots allows for air and water to move through the walls, preventing soil disease and root rot . They are great for cacti, succulents, and other plants that prefer drier soil, it’s great for a colder climate.

Now let’s reverse to the uses of pots: For planting which is our main focus, they act as pot refrigerators, smokers, candle heaters, going further to even making clay ovens.

We normally love flower pots in our houses and offices or desktops at work and inside a home on center tables, well they sure-fire way to reap the benefits with bright colors or a creative arrangement that brings about beauty that flourishes, if calming is your aim, opt for lighter colors that fall near to each other on the color wheel, whilst choosing blooms in bright and opposite colors will energize you.

Flowers are a quick way to decorate our home pulling together our personal style and making our living space appear more polished, they have the ability to change the feel of our home or particular rooms; Flowers brighten homes with dark furniture or limited light. If you understand bouquets, they can make a hectic home feel calmer or an arrangement of one color in varying shades can tie together your color theme; they welcome guests and also can be used on occasions, pink can be used to celebrate baby showers and roses to celebrate a symbol of love.



We look for unrivaled beauty, easy upkeep, and long-term cost efficiency of properly executed paving stone installations, these have become more apparent and utilized by cost-efficient homeowners, they are natural paving materials that are produced without artificial additives.

Most of the times people pave because they want to protect, question is, what are they protecting? The grounds are oftentimes exposed to harsh weather which could lead to damage to the soil’s surface making it hard to repair. Pavers reduce moss growth, deter ants and other insects, prevent loss of sand in joints, go further to repel oil, grease, grime, and stains, make the cleaning routine easier, protect from effects of harsh weather conditions, and lastly inhibit weeds and grass in joints

Concrete pavers are individual pieces, they make the overall pattern more flexible and accommodating of fluctuations in the ground when dry set. Polymeric sand is a blend of sand and special additives designed to fill the joints between concrete pavers and brick pavers, it’s always necessary to seal your pavers such that they last longer, ward off stains, and maintain their beauty, if not, they will erode, weed will grow, mold or mildew builds up. Sweep your pavers with a broom, rinse off pavers with water, create a paver cleaning solution, apply paver sealer and replace your pavers in order to keep them elegant and clean at all times.

Concrete pavers carry more advantages than disadvantages, we find out that they fade in color overdue time since they are dyed with color pigment rather than natural clay and hence often need sealing. Pavers last 50 to 100 years or longer, they can easily be repaired or replaced. Sometimes you could face a problem of the sinking, this is caused by improper installation of the blocks.

Pavers placed in the sidewalk or driveway create beauty and enhance your compound to look more attractive. In the end, you get to feel the fresh breeze as you get to share memories of a lifetime with your loved ones.

Contact 0777708899/0701828873 for more information. To simplify it all you can download our HCM HUB app from the google play store and get yourself a handyman with immediate effect. Our offices are located in Ntinda along kiwatule road, then our workshops are in Lungunjja and Ntinda as well. Your comfort is our priority.

How to Remove Mold and Algae on concrete pavers

Mold will make your concrete look bad and can become a health and safety issue. for small areas, you can easily get rid of the mold yourself by scrubbing and cleaning, but for larger problems and you are tired of the hard scrubbing of the molds, get professional concrete paver cleaning that’s Homecaremanagers using their app called HCM HUB. Algae growth on the concrete surfaces will cause problems that are unsightly, unhealthy, costly to remediate, and can erode the underlying substrate.

How to get the mold and Algae on your concrete pavers

wet conditions can use mold and Algae mildew growth on outdoor concrete-like driveways, pavers, and steps. This growth usually occurs in damp or shaded areas that receive a lot of sun or heat. Concrete, with all its nooks, crannies, and pores, is actually a great incubator for mold and algae. wet humid weather with warm temperatures only improves the growing conditions of the molds and Algae on the concrete pavers. One can use the following tips to remove mold and Algae on their concrete pavers.

use of Bleach (chlorine) or vinegar. when you start seeing the mold and algae on your concrete pavers, mix water and vinegar or bleach. put it in a spray bottle and spray around the concrete pavers for killing the mold and algae. vinegar can also help to kill the weeds as long as you don’t spray the plant you want or the one growing. once you have sprayed the solution on the concrete pavers and left it several times, srub the stubborn areas with mold and algae, then rinse it with clean fresh water.

How to prevent mold and Algae from growing on your concrete pavers

proper Design for water control and flow, one of the keys to preventing mold and Algae growth on the concrete pavers is control of the flow of water. for the outdoor surfaces, this is done with a suitable design that gravitational assistance the channel water flow away from the structure. one has to put good water gutters and also clean them if they get dirty and filled with rubbish.

proper ventilation, make sure the area is able to regularly dry out and there is proper ventilation there. This could mean that you have to prune overhanging shrubs, trees, move the furniture, or create drainage pathways so you avoid the problem of pooling water.

use the above tips to help you remove the mold and Algae from the concrete pavers to stay in a clean and healthy environment.


Rainwater gutters benefit your home in many ways and when they are not properly maintained, they will damage your home. Gutters control the flow of rainwater on your house by directing/diverting it away from your home to a place where you want it to be collected. The following are the things that make rainwater gutters dirty; bird droppings, trees, leaves, weed, grass, dirt & dust, soil making the gutters clogged in the long run because rainwater is prevented to flow through them.

Dirty and clogged rain gutters can result in the following problems

Structural/foundation damage. Clogged water on the gutters will flow down the walls of your home leading to foundation cracks and weakening the home foundation.

Pest infestations. Standing water on the gutters acts as a breeding place for mosquitoes, rats, ants, spiders, snakes, bees, wasps which may result in serious diseases.

Roof/wall/ceiling damages. Clogged gutters can cause roof leakage making water infiltrate your home.

Fascia boards(face board) damage. Water from the clogged gutter sits into the wood fascia board (face board) causing them to rot.

Mold growth. Mold loves to grow in moist, humid conditions which leads to health issues like asthma, coughing, allergies.

Gutter damage. Dirty gutters carry a lot of weight due to plants, trees, soil and if the water isn’t diverted, it collects and increases the weight on the gutters leading them to break.

Water supply disruption. Dirty and clogged rain gutters affect the supply of water at home because it just stands on the clogged gutter or overflowing sometimes.

It’s advisable to clean rainwater gutters twice a year but if you have trees, plants around, you may need to clean gutters often because they will get dirty at a fast rate.


Your comfort and health is first thing that should come to mind once a scent changes and is disgusting,find out more information with how,where and when.


You could be wondering why I first put this image, aside from getting your attention, let’s start with something positive then we see where we land in the end, oftentimes we ignore the small things that could eventually turn to disaster for our nostrils. Let’s find out first what we can do to give a bedroom a fresh scent;

Identify the odor and its where bouts the moment you smell it, it could be your carpet, laundry, sheets or even your windows, go lower to dusting your room from top to bottom as you clean the floors and open the windows,get tired while you wash your sheets, laundry and turn on the humidifier, then relax as you listen to the rhythm of the music as you sip a cup of drinking chocolate.

The last place you could look for someone when they are nowhere to be seen are the washrooms, now what if you check and the smell from within pulls your attention? will you run away? obviously you would love to, even I could too, but you need to first find the solution, first and foremost, look around your sink and toilet seat, the shower curtain or liner then finally the walls and floor, next step if it’s one of them, get warm water mixed with detergent and play along with it. Scrub the walls and rinse with warm water, this includes the floor and sink plus toilet exclusive where you use vim, but if you can’t afford it,buy a coke and pour around your toilet in then scrub with detergent too, if all this fails and the scent persists, use an air diffuse.

The best home fragrances you should use to remove bad smells are; white company large pomegranate candles and neon happiness candles, now I have mentioned a few but there are more, you can as well boil cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, citrus peels, fresh ginger, and masala teabags these will mix up every uncomforting odor, I shan’t forget baking soda and charcoal or kitty litter, they soak up any moisture in the air and get rid of the smell, place them in a bowl near the masty smell. Kindly make sure they don’t reach the little ones.

A house can smell because of pet accidents, leftover food, dirty laundry, stagnant water, dust, or even yourself.

stagnant water and dirty laundry

what more fragrances can you use?

what specific detergent should you use?

what more apart from what you have given can give a bad smell?

What’s the meaning of masty and humidifier?

Ask any questions of your choice no matter how hard it may be I shall give you a solution in relation to scents. Download HCM HUB APP or call 0777708899/0701828873(WhatsApp)Be blessed.

Home remedy for mattress cleaning.

First and foremost I would like to give a sample of questions that will guide us while it leads us to the main results of your problem and finding a solution. What causes yellow stains on mattresses?, How can you go about it to remove the yellow stains?, How can you clean memory foam? What if the mattress has been made wet with urine?, and last but not least, after how long must you clean your mattress?

clean,clear and fresh.

We all want an outstanding plus fresh scent whenever we lay our heads and bodies to rest because at the end of it all you have to get out of it, what if you have found a yellow stain the moment you wake up which is brought about from sweat, urine, and oils, these bring about molds and mildew, don’t panic, mix together dish soap, baking soda with hydrogen peroxide in order to create a mattress stain remover, use a spray bottle as well to best apply the mixture. You will notice that once you have sprayed, blotted, or rubbed using a towel or rug , there will be a difference, but once you don’t have organic detergent at home, try using water mixed with apple cider vinegar, place the mixture too in a spray bottle and spray your mattress lightly then immediately scrub the stained area quickly with a clean absorbed cloth, know that the apple cider vinegar soaks up unpleasant odors while diluting the stain.

It is what we use for the body but it can be applied in our daily lives.
This whitens and reduces blemishes on your mattress.

Let’s turn the table around, what if it’s urine this time, will you just have to remove the mattress cover and wash it, no, I don’t you should do that, the first step i can give you is to eliminate moisture, cover the stain with vinegar, blot it up, spray it down, blot it again, cover the stain then with baking soda then vacuum up the baking soda, this prevents your mattress from future stains with a mattress protector. Baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer, once you sprinkle it over your mattress surface and live it rest for 30 minutes, it shall yield better results for you.

Freshen your memory mattress foam with a deodorizing agent then lightly sprinkle some baking powder on your memo foam, still go further into treating any stains with mild dish soap, vacuum up the residue, choose a deep cleaning method for the type of bedding and dry it thoroughly, a memory foam uses your body heat to soften and mold to your shape, once pressure is removed, memory foam will bounce back very slowly and over time remember your body shape and sleeping position, hence the name memory.

In every bit of comfort, you have to find ways of achieving them, now let’s see what the meaning of these two words are; blot and deodorizing. Blot is stain and blotting is staining. Then deodorizing is removing bad odor.

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How to clean your leather sofas using home remedies

Who does not love leather; who does not want the distinction that leather gives you; The elegance of leather sofas and the durability it gives with age. However many people can’t tell between good leather and fake leather, so what is leather its self. Basically leather is the skin of animals after it is treated to many processes that refine it and beautify it. The skin is tanned with high-grade oils and preserved before it is stitched to make a good leather fabric for sofas, clothes, bags, and shoes, etc depending on what you want to use the leather for.

A few bad stains and spells can ruin the overall appearance of a classic leather sofa especially if left untreated or cleaned incorrectly. The following are the ways you can use to clean your leather sofa using home remedies and preserve or clean your leather sofa for years.

  1. In a bowl, mix equal parts of white vinegar and natural oil(lemon oil) tends to work best.
  2. Leave the solution to concentrate for a few 5 minutes before use,
  3. Dip a soft cloth in the solution out so that it is (damp not soaking )and begin gently wiping down the surface of the leather sofa.
  4. later after applying the remedy, use or wipe down with dry fresh cloth.

You can use the following tips to prevent stains from your leather sofas.

  1. cleaning regularly: ironically, in order to avoid the hassle that comes with cleaning stains, one has to clean the leather stains regularly! This is because most of the stains you see on the leather are actually the settling in of dirt over a long period of time, Taking a few seconds to wipe down your leather sofa with a vinegar mixture solution and a soft cloth once a week will help.
  2. Limit water usage. you want to use a home remedy, it’s ok but avoid using the harsh chemicals when mixing the remedy because they will make your leather to peel off or start breaking. Always limit the amount of the solution you use to treat the stains or else risk unsightly water damage.
  3. check the cleaning codes on the leather piece or look for a care manual on the imported leather sofas, if locally made ask the manufacture for the recommendations of the safe products to use when cleaning the leather sofas.
  4. Lastly, when the stain occurs deal with it immediately, this will increase the chances of getting it out easy then wait for a week

All in all, you can ask for help from the professional service providers from HCM HUB APP to help you clean your leather sofa.

How to Remove molds on Grout

Molds thrive best in warm places and moist areas with poor circulation since they have high humidity which attracts the growth of molds in places like bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings, laundry places, basement. The porous nature of the grout makes it particularly susceptible to mold growth. when the molds grow up it makes the bathroom, kitchen floors look dirty, old but also risky to people in your home. molds can pose a health problem especially for people with allergies and existing respiratory problems which weakens the immune system. Molds can be found in both indoor and outdoor environments and the following are some of the ways you can remove molds on the grout.

Keep doors and windows open for long as possible to ensure there is proper flow of air in the rooms, always keep the kitchen windows open so that steam escapes when cooking, open the bathroom doors when not in use and leave the bathroom window open before and after during a shower.

Wipe down the shower walls/ floors after bathing or use. The latter in the bathroom collects its self around the corners which brings molds slowly by slowly since they love moist places, thus grows around the tile grout. you can use a towel or washcloth to clean the floor to keep it dry.

Fix leaky faucets and showerheads to remove the source of excess moisture in your bathroom and kitchen which encourages the growth of molds.

Seal the grout. Apply a coat or two silicon-based grout sealers to dry out. lt will reduce the speed at which moisture can penetrate the porous leading to no molds arising on the grout.

Use distilled water and white vinegar in a bottle spray and apply it to the walls/ floors and wait for 30 minutes, then scrub the surfaces and rinse with warm water.

However molds can cause such symptoms to people if they stay in the environment for so long .for example blocked nose, watery eyes, sneezing, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, etc. If you cant the mold in your environment due to the problem you have to reach professional service providers from HCM HUB APP to help and keep your health and family safe.

How to clean your Bedroom

Have ever slept in a dirty bedroom, trust me no sleep will come from there. we all know by now that good sleep hygiene is extremely important for your physical and mental well-being. Everyone needs to give his/ her bedroom good hygiene by maintaining it clean in order to have a good sleep and relax. The following are some of the tips on how to clean your bedroom.

Declutter the room; Remove things you do not need from the bedroom to make it more pleasant and more useful. pick up your clothes, discard any trash, and put away books, bags, shoes that may have accumulated in your bedroom.

Clean ceiling lights and fixtures: Most people forget to clean these places yet they accumulate a lot of dust .so when cleaning they should be cleaned first and one has to cover the bedding and furniture to avoid dust. you can use a dusting wand to wipe off the dust of the ceiling and the fixtures.

Strip bedding and wash: Remember you should wash your sheets at least 2 times a week. Remove the sheets, the pillow covers in case you have, blankets and coverlets.

Freshen the mattress and flip it: you can use baking soda to sprinkle your mattress, add the baking soda and allow it to settle for 10 to 15 minutes, then use the vacuum. Leave the baking soda to settle this will help since it absorbs any odors in the mattress and if you have a vacuum it will remove hairs, dead skin, dust. incase you don’t how to clean the mattress, contact the professional service provider from “HCM HUBAPP” they will clean the mattress for you

Mop/vacuum the floors: when mopping you should not forget to clean under the bed and the closest floor since they have a lot of dirt and people take long without mopping it