Electrical services


Living with a damaged electrical system at home or office is life-threatening to all the people around. It is advisable to work on any electrical problems as soon as possible to avoid further damages and to also protect the lives of people at home or the workplace. We have a team of professional electricians around Uganda to handle all sorts of electrical problems that may arise. It’s important to carry out electrical repairs & maintenance services as soon as you notice any signs of electrical problems.

Faulty electric socket
Faulty electric socket

Electrical repairs & maintenance services.

Our electrical team is skilled and well trained to handle all electrical repair & maintenance services including;

  • Power blackout
  • Lighting fixtures, repairs & maintenance
  • Operating air conditioners
  • Electrical appliances (TVs, cookers, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, phones)
  • Electrical inspections
  • Emergency repair work
  • Home rewiring
  • Upgrading current system
  • Socket replacement

If you have any electrical emergency. Request for an electrician through OUR HCM HUB APP


Saves costs

Carrying out electrical repair and maintenance services saves a lot of costs like time, money, and energy.

It saves lives

Electrical repairs and maintenance services protect the lives of your loved ones. It is good to ensure that all sockets are not loose to avoid electric shocks and fires.

Our customers

We work on both domestic and commercial clients like;

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments

some of the reasons why a washer leaks

If you have a puddle of water under your washing machine, first be sure it is not water or juice spill from your children or something else. after that you can make a full run of the washer as you normally do and see if the washer doesn’t leak at all. The following are some of the reasons why the washer might leak:

Be sure the washer drain plug is removed. if your washer is new then it comes with a drain plug that will need to be taken out before you connect a drain hose. incase you run a wash cycle and the plug is not removed, the washing machine will not drain correctly and water will end up on the floor.

When washing, be sure you are not adding excess HE detergent or adding the wrong detergent as this can cause excess suds and cause the washer to leak. Be sure you are using the correct HE washer detergent. Thus check your manufacturer’s manual to be sure you are using the amount as it recommends.

Be sure your washer is not overloaded with too much clothing or blankets, if overloaded the water may leak out. Always use the proper amount of clothing when washing and try not to overload.

Be sure your washer is completely level by adjusting the washer’s feet. use a level and place it on top of your washer to be sure. if the washer is not level, it can leak out water as washers are designed to be used on a fully flat surface. The washer legs are there so if your floor is not level you can level the washer easily.

Water supply hoses to your washer usually have a mesh screen filter where the water hose connects to the washer. if these are very dirty and blocked, these can cause water leakage. check the water hose mesh screen filter to be sure they are not clogged and causing a leak by not letting the water fully enter the washer.

Check and be sure the drain hose is 100% secure to drainpipe or standpipe. if lose it may leak and leave water on the floor or under the washing machine. Also, be sure the drain where the washing machine water flows out is not blocked or clogged

All in all, check your washer before use and let it stay on a flat surface when in use. incase you can’t operate it in case of a leakage call a service provider from HCMHUB APP OR Call the support team 0n 0701828873 Whatsapp/0777708899


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Sometimes we can’t tell what’s happening until we face it, many of the issues our houses face mainly are electrical, you wake up one morning to hear a house got burned because of poor electric connections, inadequate overload protection, and often dangerous wiring connections.

Most times we ignore the little things like buzzing sounds and dimming lights, chewed wires, scorching and smoke from wires, the feel of warmth and vibrating wall outlets plus one of the most common, smell for burning odd odors, we may not always see these because of how busy we assume to be only to realize that memories are lost forever. The quickest way you can go about this is by turning off the power to the device and disconnect the wires to reduce the amount of heat and corrosion.