Importance of wardrobes.

When it comes to organisation,i must say women have it at 100%,from clothes,shoes plus everything else we believe should not be seen,its said a woman or a mans wardrobe is one of the most exciting to look out for,well as for me it is,i can mean to spend on my outlook than what i eat,call it unhealthy,yes!but once in a while,now lets get to where we protect eyes and hands from sinning,the wardrobe which some call a closet,clothes wardrobe storage and other names you are willing to share with us.

Listing down the types of wardrobes that is,hinged,sliding and mirror wardrobes.

-Sliding wardrobes have a modern take on traditional hinge door wardrobe styles.

-Hinged wardrobes are the most popular wardrobe styles.

-Mirror wardrobes which i believe are our favorite are one of those you should never miss out to add an extra dimensions to your bedroom.

Some of us may ask ourselves what the best wardrobe is made out of!but honestly you never go wrong when it comes to wood because it stands the best of times and is a visual appeal of natural can therefore be played about into any sculpture that you want it to be.

Most times we ask about how we can build the perfect wardrobe,i personally do and come to a conclusion that i can just get wood,a hard cutter and shape then boom!,but NO it doesn’t workout that way,we must always look at the quality not the quantity,be willing to invest,go further to the versatility and its function plus not forgetting the development of strong personal style and perfect signature look.all this wardrobe taste is either for your kitchen,bedroom or bathroom.

NOW LETS NOT FORGET KIDS THE REASONS WHY SMILE.Its short and precise just like how easy it is to come about making them happy,In conclusion,they aren’t complicated.Just a mixture of color,the design for a prince or a princess and your good to go.

Let you and your loved ones live in royalty with every bit of tap it always starts with you,store your outfits and utensils safe from any damage,be it weather or anything else that comes to mind.


Have you ever come back home tired, opening the gate and you find leaves from trees or polythene bags(buveras) scattered all over your compound? and then you decide to clean the compound but tools are scattered or being kept in different places around the house and you cannot find some of them. It gets so tiring walking around the house looking for brushes, brooms, rakes, spades and also takes a lot of time. You find yourself wasting time which you could have used working on other things or even resting. Having a tool storage rack in your home is very important, it keeps your home tools safe and organized. In case you have trees or plants at home, they tend to shed off leaves and make the compound dirty. You will have to clean your compound at least every day to make it tidy, you can choose to clean early in the morning, afternoon, or every evening. When going to clean a compound or even collect rubbish you will need a broom to sweep the rubbish, a rake to collect rubbish, and even a spade to help you pick up the collected rubbish to a place where you want to dump it.

Maintaining your compound and garden requires a wide range of tools like hoes, spades, brushes, rakes, etc. Many people store their tools in the garage or kitchen while others just throw them aside after cleaning or digging which makes the home untidy. If you are facing challenges of keeping and organizing tools, consider investing in a garden tool storage rack. It can be made in different designs and materials like wood or metal depending on what you prefer. Below are some of the benefits of tool storage racks;

   -Tool Organization

         A tool storage rack contains enough storage space for storing and organizing all compound tools. It can keep your tools in an organized way and you will find them exactly where you placed them the next time you need to use them.

   -Easy access to the tools

         You will be able to access your tools easily when you need them. A tool storage rack displays tools making it easy to access any tool you need to use in just seconds.

-Keeps the tools safe

         It keeps all your tools safe and not so exposed to different weather conditions. Some tools are metallic and do not need to be exposed to rain because they will rust.

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Bed side tables play an important role in the bedroom,they are simple storage units that enhance the beauty of your bedroom and can be made in any design you want.Wooden side tables are long lasting in terms of durability.Bedside tables can have multiple drawers to keep things organized in your bedroom since its uncomfortable if everything is just scattered.It provides support to both the bed and person in very many ways.Below are some of the ways bedside tables can be helpful,

-It helps in keeping your favorite books like bible, novels,note books,story books so you can read them as you’re relaxed on your bed.

-Bedside tables have space to keep you’re remote controls,laptop after using them late in the night

-Incase youre on medication,you dont have to walk from your bed to get your medicines,you can keep them in the bed side drawers so that you can find them easily.

-A bedside table provides space for display,you can display a lamp,clock,flower or even small photo frames to decorate your room.

-Bedside tables are a perfect place to keep your wallet, keys, jewelry safe

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Have you thought of considering turquoise colors for your sofas,its a rare and calm color with different shades.Turquoise has shades of blue, green, yellow but the most commonly used is turquoise blue and green.Its a very unique and elegant color making your room stand out and also a great color to have around you.All turquoise colors show a different kind of personality

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