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Windows and doors play a very important role in our homes, they provide safety & security, ventilation and light, control smell and sounds inside and outside the house, prevent insects from entering your home. Having a broken glass window or door puts the home at a high risk of an intruder entering into the house and it also affects the appearance of the house. Broken glass windows/doors can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Temperature changes; Temperature changing from hot to cool or cool to hot inside and outside your home can affect window/door glasses. It makes the glass expand & contract which can break it if there is no space provided at the perimeter.
  • Improper Installation; Minor damages or cracks during installation can lead to larger breaks or when the glass isn’t properly installed within the frame.
  • Accidents; Minor accidents like hitting the glass with a stone, ball, or stick can break the window/door glass.
  • Weather changes; heavy rains and strong wind can blow objects like tree branches, plants to the window hence breaking it.
  • Weak and inadequate glass thickness. A weak or thin glass can easily be damaged by wind.
Broken glass window

Below are the measures you can take to protect your window/door glasses from easily breaking or cracking;

  • Use strong and thick glass windows/doors
  • Hire experienced professionals to install windows and doors 
  • Install burglar proofs to protect the windows and doors and also people at home from intruders. They can be used in both residential & commercial properties.
  • Measure your glass windows and frames before installation to ensure that the glass properly fits into the frames
  • Install protective window film to prevent the glass from breaking.

If you have cracks in your window or door contact a professional metal fabricator/welder to determine if your window can be repaired or needs a replacement. The more the crack grows the more dangerous it becomes.


Flowers are a blessing to every home, this could be either indoor or outdoor plants. Indoor means you can hang your flowers in a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Flowers enhance the appearance of a home, increase creativity, reduce stress, improve air quality around the home, and boost our mood by making us feel good and happy. Not every plant is good to be placed indoors because can be toxic to both humans and animals resulting in allergies, skin reactions

If you love indoor, balcony plants or flowers, placing them in a hanging metallic pot holder is a good option to make them even more attractive. This is a good choice if you don’t have enough space, you can hang them in a room or balcony and you will build your own unique garden. Metal flower pot holders can be made in different designs, some designs are complex while others are simple. Below are some of the benefits of metallic hanging potholders

  • Metallic hanging pot holders are versatile
  • They are strong and durable

If you plan on growing plants in your home or office, choose plants that won’t cause problems to your health and family and also choose potholders that are environmentally friendly. Hope you are all doing fine, thank you for reading this post