Common electrical wiring problems and their solutions

The problem is that the circuits fitted during older days were not designed to power different types of electronic equipment or lighting of this era.

There may be obvious signs of strains with more extension cords and single outlet paving the way to sprout power strips or lurking not seen at the back of ceilings, walls and cover plates.

So when considering household electric appliances, your safety is the main goal. If you are facing high bills, flickering lights and damaged appliances at your home, you can make sure the home circuit is not in a proper working condition.

Here are some common electrical wiring problems and their solutions

1) Electrical surges

It can be occurred due to poor wiring in the house or lightning strikes or faulty appliances or damaged power lines. Surges are common and last for a microsecond but if you experience frequent surges lead to equipment damage that degrade life expectancy particularly.

Check the device that connects to the home grid or the wiring and try disconnecting the poor quality powerboards or devices from the outlet. If the surges don’t occur again, your problem is solved. If it is not, you must call an electrician.

2) Overloading

Sometimes your light fixture has a bulb or other fitting with high watts than the designed fixture. This is a code violation and the risk level is quite high. The high heat from the bulb can melt the socket and insulation present in wires of the fixture. This results in sparks from one wire to another and causes electrical fires. Even after the bulb is removed, the socket and wires will still be under damage.

It is always better to fit a bulb or any other fittings by staying within the wattage. If the fixtures are not marked with wattage, it is advisable to use a 60-watt bulb or even smaller ones.

3) Power sags and dips

Sags are dips usually occur when the power grip is faulty and electrical appliances are connected to it. It also occurs when the grid is made of low-quality materials. When this is the case, it draws more power when switched on.

4) A junction box that is uncovered

The junction box has lots of wires that are connected to each other. If it is not covered, a person gets a shock from damaged wire too. This is a code violation and the risk is minimal if the wires are not within the reach. Thus it is better to cover it with the screws provided.

5) Switches of light not working

You can easily point out if it bad workmanship or sub-standard products with dim switches that don’t work on adjusting the lights properly. It can also be the fault of wiring or circuit or outlet. You can consult an electrician for this issue.

6) Flickering light

You might have experienced with your frayed wiring when it is windy outside that causes a short when the cables move. It is not a code violation but has a higher level of risk as it can suddenly start a fire. Immediately call the electrician to get Weatherhead replaced.

7) Tripping circuit breaker

When other high power consuming items are used before you plug in microwave or hairdryers there is a chance to get it tripped. Tripping is actually a sign that your home is protected. Just check what causes tripping and try using a low setting and also users can be limited to a single circuit too.

8) Less outlets

Nowadays most of the houses have extension cords and power strips to rely heavily on them. If you don’t use heavy load extension cords like 14-gauge or thicker the risk will be minimal.

Thus it is advisable to use more outlets with the help of an electrician.

9) Electric shocks

When the electricity is not properly used, it results in electrical shocks with a nasty experience. The chances of such electrical problems in old homes were quite high because the circuits fitted during older days. An electric shock happens when you switch on or off a device. The issue can either be with the appliance or the wiring. To check the issue, you can test with another device. But to be on the safer side, just talk with your electrician to resolve the issues.

10) No RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)

RCCB is also known as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). This is used to disconnect the load from main supply when the circuit has residual current. By using RCCB you can ensure protection against direct and indirect contact, electric fire and protection of earthing against corrosion.

11) Frequent burning out of light bulbs

If your light bulbs burn out too often, check if your issue falls under this:

➤ High wattage

➤ Insulation is near to light

➤ Poor wiring on circuit and mains

➤ More wattage on a dimmer switch

the existing panel with a bigger model.

12) High electric bill

You can reduce electric bills by:

➤ Repairing damaged circuits or wiring

➤ Unplugging electronic devices when not in use

➤ Relying on a cost-effective service provider

➤ Recognizing power surging devices

14) Aluminum wiring

It has a high danger level as aluminum was used as a cheap substitute for copper in earlier days and is no longer a safe option. This is because corrosion takes place when aluminum is in contact with copper and when the connections loosen, it leads to fires.

The solution for this issue is retrofitting a dielectric wire nut for an aluminum wire to copper connection in case of light fixtures. This helps in stopping corrosion due to the grease in the nuts.

15) Backstabbed wires

The pushed wires at the back can be loose for new switches than those anchored around screw terminals. This is not a code violation as it is allowed for new constructions too. The risk occurs only when the loose wires are worst in case otherwise it stops the switch from working.

Check if your wires are backstabbed, if so, release it and fix them to the respective screw terminals on the receptacle.

Always be cautious with the signs of electrical problems in home as it causes a dangerous hazard. Not all problems are related and may be due to human error too. There are at times when electronic appliances go bad or problems occur due to faulty wiring and get increased when environmental conditions are bad.

Here are some tips for troubleshooting your electrical problems easily as it is true that troubleshooting a problem has a complete solution.

Before finding out the problem, make sure:

➤ Switch is off

➤ If the bulb is burned out

➤ If RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) is tripped

In some situations, troubleshooting will be quite easy when it is the case of a switch or the light bulb burned out. Many times, you may notice RCCB receptacle is tripped and the tripped plug is behind a pile of boxes in a garage without even noticing that there is a plug present there.

So let’s start troubleshooting

➤ Be safe first

It is very important to make sure of your safety while working with electrical problems and solutions.

➤ It is advisable not to work with energized wires or circuits.

➤ Before you test, insulate the wires with electrical tape if it is to be turned on. You can insulate the hot wire with red or black to identify from others (also known as hot wire flagging).

➤ If you don’t know anything about resolving your electrical issues, kindly contact an electrician.

The process goes like this:

➤ Identify the power coming cable and don’t work with the power on. Flag the circuit with a label to make others aware that you are working on it.

➤ Check all equipment served by each cable and don’t forget to disconnect device with any associated cable. Isolate the equipment to avoid a failing component.

➤ Check the switch with an OHM Meter.

➤ Securely test the fixture with an extra cord to check whether it works. If it doesn’t – check the installation wiring, bulbs and so on.

➤ In some cases a hot wire will test alright way to ground ordinarily a ground wire, however, won’t test ok to the White Neutral Wire. This can be caused by a couple of things, a free or burnt association that has burnt clear of the association point, for example, a receptacle screw or the point of insertion at the back of a receptacle. A device won’t work if there is no neutral. Make sure to check all the Neutral Connections at the source and at any intersection prompting the issue zone.

➤ The space heaters with high wattage used for a long time make the receptacle to get heated more. This occurs especially on the heater side.

➤ If a receptacle became stained where the cord is connected then the possibilities are the wiring appended to the receptacle inside the box will have encountered overheating and could be burnt.

➤ Ensure your connections are well made. A free connection will likewise cause shorts and make burnt wires which could bring about potential fire danger.

➤ Don’t over fix wire nuts, however, ensure they are on tight.

As the circuit and all the components are checked you must be able to find the issue and fix it. Always keep in mind safety is paramount, so if you are unsure about the issue don’t consider it for fixing alone. A professional electrician can easily diagnose and resolve it. Be safe!!


Refrigerators are one of the most commonly used items in a household, it keeps a lot of essential items like food(meat), drinks(milk, wine, juice), fruits(grapes, berries, oranges, lemon, apples, mangoes), vegetables(carrots, cabbage, spinach). Just imagine opening a refrigerator to a very unpleasant smell, it is so irritating. Always make sure your fridge is cleaned often to avoid bad odor and further problems that may be caused due to having a not clean fridge. And it is so frustrating in circumstances where a bad odor continues coming out from a refrigerator even after cleaning it.

Possible causes of a bad odor coming from your fridge;

  • The fridge isn’t clean

Keeping a refrigerator not cleaned for a long time is one of the possible causes of a bad smell coming from it. If food waste is not removed from the fridge, this may result in a very unpleasant smell.

  • Mold growth

Rotting food is one of the main causes of mold growth in a refrigerator and this may be dangerous to human health by causing allergic reactions like sneezing, coughing to the people accessing the fridge.


  1. Cleaning the refrigerator thoroughly.
  • Get a small clean, damp towel, remove all things from the refrigerator. Wipe up spilled drinks and food particles in the fridge and clean the shelves properly by passing the damp towel through the corners on the shelves.
  • It is advisable not to put back the expired and rotting items in the refrigerator. 
  • Clean water bottles, ketchup bottles, food 


A refrigerator is one of the most essential items in your home and it becomes a real burden if it’s not working well. Finding water leaking all over the floor from the fridge is more irritating than you think. Water leaking from under the fridge isn’t a good sign and it’s dangerous to everyone at home because it makes the kitchen floor slippery hence causing accidents and structural damage to your home. If you notice water leaking from under your fridge, you need to address the problem as soon as possible to avoid further damages.

The following are the reasons as why your refrigerator is leaking;

  • Blocked defrost drain.

This occurs when food particles or debris clog the drain hose which makes the ice escalate hence water leaking out of the refrigerator.

  • Damaged drain pan.

A drain pan is underneath your refrigerator, it collects water flowing from the evaporator fins. If a drain pan has a crack or damage, the collected water may leak on the floor from the refrigerator.

  • Open fridge door

Leaving your refrigerator door open for too long makes water flow from the fridge.

  • Frozen water supply line.

Refrigerators that have ice makers or water dispensers often have a water line that feeds them. If the line gets clogged or frozen it may cause the fridge to leak.

  • Improper water filter installation.

If a water filter and water supply line are not connected properly, it will cause water leakage from the fridge. The filter may be the wrong size or installed poorly

The following are possible solutions to water leakage from a fridge

  • Cleaning the drain hole. Over time the drain hole gets clogged by food particles and debris leading to leakage. Push a pipe cleaner through the tubes and clean it thoroughly.
  • Replace the water supply line if it’s damaged or broken.
  • Remove and replace the water filter in case it is not damaged. Install the one specified for the refrigerator

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We have professional and well-trained technicians with a lot of experience in knowing the most effective ways of cleaning different types of sofas. Sofas have different types like fabric, leather, etc and each type is cleaned differently. We clean dining seats, puffs, cushion seats

Service evaluation

When a customer request sofa cleaning services, we either call, WhatsApp or visit the customer’s site to assess the sofa sets to be cleaned for easy evaluation and clear estimation. After checking out the mattress, we share a quotation of how much the work will cost.

Our warranty

We are a fully registered property repair and maintenance service company dealing professional sofa set cleaning services for hotels, homes, offices

sofa cleaning
sofa cleaning
Dining seat cleaning
dining seat cleaning

Benefits of sofa cleaning

  • Brings back the sofa to its original beauty
  • Eliminates bad odor in the sofas which may be caused by food stains, urine (pet & babies)
  • Removes bacteria
  • Reduces allergies

Our sofa cleaning services

-Fabric sofa cleaning

-Leather sofa cleaning

-Dining seat cleaning

-Puff cleaning

-Bench cleaning

-Cushion seat cleaning services

Our customers

  Our devoted team is always ready to handle and support commercial and residential clients in Homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, bars, restaurants.

Areas we operate in

  We have a committed team of skilled and professional sofa cleaning service providers in all districts around Uganda including Kampala, wakiso, Entebbe, jinja


Mattresses collect sweat, stains, dust mites, dead skin cells, urine, body oils and it’s important to have your mattress professionally cleaned at least twice a year and some stains may be difficult to remove.

Service evaluation

  When a customer request mattress cleaning services, we either call, WhatsApp or visit the customer’s site to assess the mattress or mattress to be cleaned for easy evaluation and clear estimation. After checking out the mattress, we share a quotation of how much the work will cost.

Our warranty

We are a fully registered property repair and maintenance service company dealing in all kinds of mattress cleaning services for hotels, homes, massage parlors.

mattress cleaning
mattress cleaning

Benefits of mattress cleaning

  • Extends the life span of your mattress
  • Removes stains, dirt and dust stuck in your mattress
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Reduces the risk of allergies

Our mattress cleaning services

-Mattress cleaning

-Mattress base cleaning

-Head put cleaning

Our customers

Our devoted team is always ready to support commercial and residential clients including homes, hotels, restaurants, massage parlors anywhere and at any given time.

Benefits of choosing us

-Quality mattress cleaning

-Fair prices

-Value for money


Fumigation involves getting rid of pests around your house and during this process pesticides or chemicals are sprayed in almost every corner of the house (kitchen cabinets, beds) whereby some of them are not favorable or dangerous to humans and pets at home. It is advisable to do post-fumigation cleaning after fumigation to get rid of any chemicals before you enter the house.

Service evaluation

  After fumigation, we close the house for about 3 hours to allow the pesticides to work efficiently. We then open the house or office after the given period and clean the house thoroughly. We clean every part of the house including all corners, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, toilets, outside toilets.

Our warranty

  We are a fully registered property maintenance company dealing in all post fumigation services for commercial and residential properties like homes, offices, hotels, restaurants.

Areas we operate in

   We have a devoted team of skilled and professional post-fumigation cleaning services that offer cleaning services in all districts around Uganda including Kampala, wakiso, jinja, Mbarara, Buikwe, Mukono, Kayunga

Our Customers

     Our committed team is always ready to handle and support commercial and residential clients including restaurants, homes, offices, hotels, bars.

Benefits of choosing HCM




Living with a damaged electrical system at home or office is life-threatening to all the people around. It is advisable to work on any electrical problems as soon as possible to avoid further damages and to also protect the lives of people at home or the workplace. We have a team of professional electricians around Uganda to handle all sorts of electrical problems that may arise. It’s important to carry out electrical repairs & maintenance services as soon as you notice any signs of electrical problems.

Faulty electric socket
Faulty electric socket

Electrical repairs & maintenance services.

Our electrical team is skilled and well trained to handle all electrical repair & maintenance services including;

  • Power blackout
  • Lighting fixtures, repairs & maintenance
  • Operating air conditioners
  • Electrical appliances (TVs, cookers, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, phones)
  • Electrical inspections
  • Emergency repair work
  • Home rewiring
  • Upgrading current system
  • Socket replacement

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Saves costs

Carrying out electrical repair and maintenance services saves a lot of costs like time, money, and energy.

It saves lives

Electrical repairs and maintenance services protect the lives of your loved ones. It is good to ensure that all sockets are not loose to avoid electric shocks and fires.

Our customers

We work on both domestic and commercial clients like;

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments


Our services are based on quality materials and expertise. We have approved professional electrical installation service providers to meet all your new installations, lighting, and wiring requirements in homes and offices. Electrical installation is an important job and you need to ensure that your home is safe all the time to everyone in it and everyone that comes around. If an electrical installation or wiring is not done properly, it can be dangerous to you, your family, visitors, employees, and guests.

Faulty electric socket

Electrical installation and wiring services include;

  • Full or part rewiring installations
  • Electronic appliance installations like washing machines, cookers, fridges, water heaters, air conditioners, etc
  • Socket installations
  • Security lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Kitchen wiring
  • Compound lighting
  • Gypsum board lighting
  • External lighting and power

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Consequences of improper electrical installation & wiring

Poor electrical installation and wiring can result in serious problems like;

  • Electrical shocks and fires
  • Frequent electric surges
  • Switches not working properly
  • Circuit overload

Our customers;

We work on both domestic and commercial clients like;

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments

Pipework installation

Pipework installation is also known as piping. It involves installing pipe systems, repairing and maintaining faulty pipes. We have a well-trained and professional team of plumbers to detect any faulty or leaky pipes and find a solution for them. If a leaky pipe is not worked on immediately, it increases water bills and also damages the structural foundation.

Our Warranty

We are a fully registered company with a team of experienced and professional plumbers to handle any piping/pipework challenges at any given time of the day.

Site Safety Evaluation

As soon as we receive a pipework/ piping request from a customer, our plumbers go to the customer’s site to find out where the problem is and what is causing it to find the possible solution for it. It may be a leakage or blockage.

Our Pipe Work/Piping Services

  • Installing new pipes
  • Fixing leaky pipes
  • Unblocking clogged pipes

Other pipework pages

Our plumbers are well skilled to handle different pipework services, click on the links below and read more about the services;

-Fixing pipelines https://hcm.co.ug/fixing-pipelines

-Pipe leakages https://hcm.co.ug/plumbing-leakage


Plumbing emergencies are one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a property. Not only do they cause quite an inconvenience but they also have the ability to wreak havoc on the structural aspects of your home! Many people suffer plumbing emergencies late at night, early in the morning, or over the weekend when many plumbing companies do not offer service calls. 

What is a plumbing emergency and how do you deal with them? Many plumbing emergencies such as a clogged drain or toilet overflow can be addressed with the help of household tools. However, other emergencies involving leaks, or sewer backups require the assistance of a professional technician!


If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, it can be hard to know whether it is worth it to pay for an emergency service call. While plumbers often charge extra for emergency calls, in some cases, it may be the only option! Here are some guidelines on how to deal with some of the most common plumbing emergencies.


There are not many things more frustrating than a clogged drain. A clog in your sink or shower drain can be a hassle to unclog. There are many things that can cause your drains to clog. However, the most common culprit is hair from humans or pets. 

Before you call a plumber to unclog your drain, first attempt a few at-home solutions. From chemical drain cleaners to using a sink plunger or a sink drain auger, you may be able to save yourself the expense of a visit from your plumber.

If you have tried everything and can’t get your drain to function properly, it is wise to contact a qualified plumber to address the clogged drains by immediately requesting online because they respond quickly compared to hometown technicians.


The dreaded toilet overflow. Often following a clog in your toilet, this common plumbing emergency not only causes a mess but can also cause serious damage to the flooring of your home. 

If your toilet begins to overflow, the first step is to turn off the toilet’s water supply.  Most toilets feature a supply line near the bottom side of the toilet. This line should have a valve. Turn the valve counterclockwise to stop the flow of water to the toilet. 

Next, remove the tank cover. Lift the float cup or float ball high enough so that the water stops running. If the water continues to run, turn off the water supply to the house.

The water supply to your home is typically a valve or knob that is located in the basement or near the water heater. Turn this knob or valve until the water stops running. Shutting off the water supply to your home eliminates the immediate problem of the flowing water if it is caused by a clog rather than a sewer backup. Using a toilet plunger will help eliminate the clog.

Use a small cup or a bucket to remove any excess water at the brim of the bowl. Pour the water into a sink (if the water is clean) or a plastic bucket (if the water is dirty). 

Once the cause of the overflow has been remedied, and the water is back on, pour the dirty water back into the toilet and flush it again for safe disposal.

If you cannot find the cause of the overflow, or cannot quickly remedy the situation, contact a qualified plumber. It is important that you act quickly to prevent further damage to your home or business.


Water leaks can quickly wreak havoc on your home or business. Leaks lead to many types of damage including mold, mildew, wood rot, and much more. Contact an emergency plumber immediately after discovering a water leak to prevent any long-lasting damages to your property or your wallet.

Many people believe they have water leaks from their kitchen sink or around their bathtub simply because they notice water on the floor. While this may be caused by a leak, it could also be caused by splashing or spills. Wipe up the water and carefully observe the area to see if the water returns.

Another problem that is commonly mistaken for a water leak is condensation that gathers around the toilet in the warmer summer months. Wipe down the toilet first before assuming that a leak is a culprit. Doing this before contacting a plumber can save you both money and embarrassment. 

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