Bed side tables play an important role in the bedroom,they are simple storage units that enhance the beauty of your bedroom and can be made in any design you want.Wooden side tables are long lasting in terms of durability.Bedside tables can have multiple drawers to keep things organized in your bedroom since its uncomfortable if everything is just scattered.It provides support to both the bed and person in very many ways.Below are some of the ways bedside tables can be helpful,

-It helps in keeping your favorite books like bible, novels,note books,story books so you can read them as you’re relaxed on your bed.

-Bedside tables have space to keep you’re remote controls,laptop after using them late in the night

-Incase youre on medication,you dont have to walk from your bed to get your medicines,you can keep them in the bed side drawers so that you can find them easily.

-A bedside table provides space for display,you can display a lamp,clock,flower or even small photo frames to decorate your room.

-Bedside tables are a perfect place to keep your wallet, keys, jewelry safe

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Benefits of kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers have become one of the most kitchen design people what to have in the kitchen when planning to make one or even when renovating. The kitchen drawers are used for custom storage accessories, allowing easy storage of utensils, cooking tools, kitchen towels & covers, spices. The kitchen drawers have some benefits more than the cabinets ;

More space: Kitchen drawers provide more space where the items used will be kept and look organized making the place look beautiful and elegant. The kitchen cabinet without drawers doesn’t have enough place for use unlike where you can creatre space of having like 4,3, or 2 the least.

More Organised: the kitchen drawers help the user to be organized with the material staff like spices, utensils, towels &Covers, .its easy for you to find what you want than when you have the kitchen cabinets you have to first remove one item by other to get what you want, thus stressing at times.

Easy Access: The kitchen drawers have runners that can fully extend and open to provide full access to the items stored, unlike the cabinets where a person has to lean down and reach far back to collect the items he wants.

At times the professional designers say even the looks, of how the drawers look after installments. However, one can remain with the kitchen doors but add the drawers inside it


Tiles play a big role in the interior design of your bathroom by creating a beautiful and unique look. Tiles come in different styles, colors, textures & material. The most commonly used tiles are Ceramic tiles because of their versatility, they can be used anywhere around your home including floors, walls & ceilings. Tiles are water and stain-resistant hence being good for bathrooms. When choosing tiles to be used first consider the size of the space in which you are placing them.

Furniture replacement.

Would you like to have a change in furniture,it could have taken years and is suddenly rotting due to mishandling or probably getting worn out?, am sure most of us face this due to the quality of wood that we are having,don’t wait for it to break you or your loved ones then put more to treatment yet actually you could just pull it out to spend on something worth avoiding the breakdown and harm. Or maybe you have old ones and don’t want to buy new ones,we still have it figured out,make a request to our technicians closest to you by downloading our app from google playstore #HCM hub or use our link https://bit.ly/2X4PfM

Change in fabric.

Waking up every morning from the beginning of the year to the end only to see the same everything! bores, unless you don’t have an alternative,we must understand,allow your sofa or anything else with fabric have a change in texture and the beauty within colour,red,blue,royal blue,maroon,turquoise,mention it, and print in floral or plain,its always about your choice especially when it comes to you our bosses.In the end to simplify everything, request for the nearest technician in your area using the #HCM hub from play store or use our link https://bit.ly/2XP4fM.

Sewage treatment

When it comes to this sector,its involved with different systems and ways of handling the complications within,but lets just handle the major aspects for you in order to remove suspended solids known as the effluent,sometimes there’s more to that like fats and grease,don’t panic,screen and pump to reduce whatever blockage,go further to removing grit and other five more steps to take before proper aeration for you to feel the freshness of the breeze.Avoid all that labor and relax as a king and queen while you download the # HCM hub from playstore here . All this is done with the effort of our handymen and us as the administration team to make ends meet.

Carpet designs

A carpet is a floor covering made from a thick woven fabric .How many styles can they be ?

Carpeting comes in a wide range of styles to suit a diverse range of tastes and needs, from easy to install carpet tiles, to waterproof options idea for pet owners, to environmentally friendly carpeting made from reused or recycled materials. people look for something that will be easy to clean and maintain. The following are the examples of carpet designs

carpet tiles

Area rugs

Recycled green and sustainable carpeting

wall to wall carpeting

waterproof carpeting

Handmade rugs


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