Having cockroaches and bedbugs in your office is a very big threat to human health and office records like box files, papers which may affect the company’s performance. Cockroaches eat food that may lead to bacterial infections, typhoid, and allergic infections to employees, visitors and also eat papers materials, glue, paste. Bedbugs and cockroaches hide in office furniture, cracks, gaps, behind refrigerators, underfloor drains like manholes, sinks, under carpets. Ensure that you frequently check for bedbugs and cockroaches around your office. Inspect book bags, briefcases, jackets since they can be carried by employees, custodians, or visitors to the office.

If you notice any cockroach or bedbug infestation there are some things you can do before contacting any fumigator, identify the problem areas, eliminate things that you do not use to remove any hiding spots, notify employees so that they can take precautions both at home and office. Then download HCM HUB APP and get in touch with a professional fumigator.


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