Your comfort and health is first thing that should come to mind once a scent changes and is disgusting,find out more information with how,where and when.


You could be wondering why I first put this image, aside from getting your attention, let’s start with something positive then we see where we land in the end, oftentimes we ignore the small things that could eventually turn to disaster for our nostrils. Let’s find out first what we can do to give a bedroom a fresh scent;

Identify the odor and its where bouts the moment you smell it, it could be your carpet, laundry, sheets or even your windows, go lower to dusting your room from top to bottom as you clean the floors and open the windows,get tired while you wash your sheets, laundry and turn on the humidifier, then relax as you listen to the rhythm of the music as you sip a cup of drinking chocolate.

The last place you could look for someone when they are nowhere to be seen are the washrooms, now what if you check and the smell from within pulls your attention? will you run away? obviously you would love to, even I could too, but you need to first find the solution, first and foremost, look around your sink and toilet seat, the shower curtain or liner then finally the walls and floor, next step if it’s one of them, get warm water mixed with detergent and play along with it. Scrub the walls and rinse with warm water, this includes the floor and sink plus toilet exclusive where you use vim, but if you can’t afford it,buy a coke and pour around your toilet in then scrub with detergent too, if all this fails and the scent persists, use an air diffuse.

The best home fragrances you should use to remove bad smells are; white company large pomegranate candles and neon happiness candles, now I have mentioned a few but there are more, you can as well boil cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, citrus peels, fresh ginger, and masala teabags these will mix up every uncomforting odor, I shan’t forget baking soda and charcoal or kitty litter, they soak up any moisture in the air and get rid of the smell, place them in a bowl near the masty smell. Kindly make sure they don’t reach the little ones.

A house can smell because of pet accidents, leftover food, dirty laundry, stagnant water, dust, or even yourself.

stagnant water and dirty laundry

what more fragrances can you use?

what specific detergent should you use?

what more apart from what you have given can give a bad smell?

What’s the meaning of masty and humidifier?

Ask any questions of your choice no matter how hard it may be I shall give you a solution in relation to scents. Download HCM HUB APP or call 0777708899/0701828873(WhatsApp)Be blessed.


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