How to clean your Bedroom

Have ever slept in a dirty bedroom, trust me no sleep will come from there. we all know by now that good sleep hygiene is extremely important for your physical and mental well-being. Everyone needs to give his/ her bedroom good hygiene by maintaining it clean in order to have a good sleep and relax. The following are some of the tips on how to clean your bedroom.

Declutter the room; Remove things you do not need from the bedroom to make it more pleasant and more useful. pick up your clothes, discard any trash, and put away books, bags, shoes that may have accumulated in your bedroom.

Clean ceiling lights and fixtures: Most people forget to clean these places yet they accumulate a lot of dust .so when cleaning they should be cleaned first and one has to cover the bedding and furniture to avoid dust. you can use a dusting wand to wipe off the dust of the ceiling and the fixtures.

Strip bedding and wash: Remember you should wash your sheets at least 2 times a week. Remove the sheets, the pillow covers in case you have, blankets and coverlets.

Freshen the mattress and flip it: you can use baking soda to sprinkle your mattress, add the baking soda and allow it to settle for 10 to 15 minutes, then use the vacuum. Leave the baking soda to settle this will help since it absorbs any odors in the mattress and if you have a vacuum it will remove hairs, dead skin, dust. incase you don’t how to clean the mattress, contact the professional service provider from “HCM HUBAPP” they will clean the mattress for you

Mop/vacuum the floors: when mopping you should not forget to clean under the bed and the closest floor since they have a lot of dirt and people take long without mopping it


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