How to kill bedbugs using natural remedies

Bedbugs aka tiny pests can infest your home or business quickly leaving you with a big problem of sleepless nights, shame in the public, and diseases. Bedbugs are visible and they can typically go unnoticed until they have colonized your place. With bedbugs, you can experience unexplained bites, especially at night the musty smell odor, dark stains around the mattress, bed, pillows, and black pots in cracked walls. However, if you locate bedbugs before they colonize your home or business, you can use the following natural remedies to kill them off your place.

Tea Tree oil; is distilled from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia plant. it possesses and can be used to treat acne, athletes’ foot, head lice, and also kill bedbugs. Tea Tree oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are effective when used as an insecticide. One can use tea tree oil through the spray, make a mixture of two spoons of tea tree oil with 50 milliliters of water shake well, and apply to the infected areas. once the bedbug comes in contact with the tea tree oil it will break its cells thus killing it.

Diatomaceous Earth aka DE; is used to kill household pests garden pests like fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, slugs, and bedbugs. Spray the infected areas with DEpowder and we recommend you leave the powder for three days before cleaning/ vacuuming the place.

Baking soda; removes moisture from the bodies of bedbugs causing them to die out. Sprinkle an ample of baking soda into the cracks and crevices to make sure the bedbugs are coated and you have to leave the baking soda there for a few days. Baking soda absorbs all the fluids on the waxy layer of the bedbug’s shell causing them to dehydrate leading to internal bleeding thus leaving them to die out.

Steam Treatment; continued exposure to a temperature around 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bedbugs in a matter of 15-20 minutes. Hcm Hub App cleaners can shoot steam with temperatures reaching up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, in this condition bedbugs, Nymphs, and their eggs can die instantly. steam treatment is good in places like carpets, mattresses, pillows, and blasts them with heat however you have to make sure they dry to avoid the growth of molds in those areas.

Orange Essential oil; contains a nerve toxin called d-limonene. one has to spray the infected areas and leave it overnight because when bedbugs come in contact with the toxin they will die.

In case the tips are not enough , you can eliminate the bedbugs using home-care managers ( HCM HUB APP)

We all know how the bedbugs can easily spread and colonize your place or business, that’s why home care managers recommend us to use their best professional technicians which are well trained and know the places where bedbugs can hide. They advise us re fumigate after 3 months after fumigating for the first time.


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