Mousetraps aren’t the only tactic for keeping mice away. This simple, natural remedy will help keep those furry little creatures gone for good.


It’s pretty clear that having mice in your home is not a pleasant experience. Even if they seem innocent, mice can create dangerous conditions in your home. However, getting rid of mice doesn’t necessarily mean buying a slew of mousetraps and cheese. Mice can be easily avoided around your household by simply adding the scent of peppermint in corners where they congregate. Yes, that’s right, peppermint.

How to Use Peppermint to Keep Mice Away

Now, you can use two ways to incorporate the smell of peppermint into your home. The first is growing peppermint plants and leaving them around the house. The smell deters them from entering or roaming around in the first place. As a bonus, you can harvest this peppermint from time to time to season your favorite dishes.

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How to manage leakage in your home/office?

The best time to fix a plumbing leak is before it happens, by properly connecting the water supply and waste line fittings. Most leaks are minor issues, which do not call for any severe measures. If you find that you have a small leak, you should first ensure that you do not have any electrical items, children, or pets near the water leak.

Turn Off Your Water Supply

After you detect the leak, your next step should be to turn off the water supplying it. If the leak is coming from a single plumbing fixture, this step is easy. You can find the shut-off valve in the pipes leading to your fixture and turn it clockwise until the water stops. For your toilet, the shut-off valve is often right behind your toilet. For a sink leak, you will likely find the shut-off valve underneath or behind your sink.

If you have a major leak or you do not know where the water is coming from, you can shut off your home’s entire water supply. You simply need to locate and turn your main shut-off valve. This is often in your basement or outdoors. It is best to locate your main shut-off valve and ensure that everyone in your house knows where it is before an issue occurs so that you can be prepared for an emergency.https://youtu.be/RX9uty6lQAc

Start by wrapping a polythene bag on the leaking pipe. With the end of the threaded pipe facing you as shown, wrap the polythene tape clockwise. Usually, three layers are enough. Once in a while, you’ll run into a loose fitting that requires four or five wraps. Stretch and tear the polythene to complete the wrap.

fixing sink leakage
Call an Emergency Plumber

Finally, you should contact HCM plumbing expert. A plumbing professional is perhaps the greatest asset that you have in managing a water leak. If your leak is severe or you find yourself outside of standard work hours, contact an emergency plumber on HCM HUB.

Getting an expert on-site to diagnose the problem, assess the damage, create a repair plan, and work towards helping your home/office is essential to minimizing leak damage. A professional can also help you detect the leak and turn off the water supply if you have trouble with either of these steps.





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