Kibuka Shem and Mawa Bashir’s Astounding Success: How They Earned 560k in Commission in Entebbe in 3 days

In the vibrant town of Entebbe, Uganda, success stories unfold in various domains, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals. Kibuka Shem and Mawa Bashir, two dynamic individuals deeply entrenched in the business landscape of Entebbe, recently achieved an incredible feat by securing a substantial commission of UGX560,000. Their success story revolves around their expertise in a niche market, highlighting the potential for SPECIALISED cleaning services for high-end restaurants and hotels in this thriving Ugandan town.

The Genesis of the Opportunity:

Kibuka Shem and Mawa Bashir, both seasoned professionals in the real estate industry, identified a unique opportunity in the local property market. Recognizing the growing demand for quality specialized cleaning services in Entebbe, they decided to pool their skills and resources to meet the needs of the community.

Building upon their extensive knowledge of Home care managers as technical services support the local real estate landscape, Shem and Bashir strategically positioned themselves as the go-to experts for clients seeking personalized technical services support for businesses.

Building Client Relationships:

Understanding the importance of building strong client relationships, Shem and Bashir actively engaged with the local community attended events, and utilized social media to showcase their expertise. By emphasizing personalized technical service support and a commitment to client satisfaction, they quickly gained the trust of potential clients that HCM followed up with.

The Breakthrough Deal:

The breakthrough came when a high-profile client approached Shem and Bashir to facilitate a complex cleaning service on their Terrazzo floor for the Hotel in Entebbe. Demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs, negotiation skills, and dedication to client success, the dynamic duo successfully closed the deal, earning a substantial commission in the process.

The Financial Success:

Buoyed by the success of their first major deal, Shem and Bashir found themselves in high demand. Their reputation for excellence spread rapidly, leading to a cascade of new opportunities. Within a short period, they secured multiple high-value property transactions, ultimately amassing an impressive commission of UGX 560,000.

This financial success not only validated their business approach but also solidified their position as leading real estate professionals in Entebbe.


Kibuka Shem and Mawa Bashir’s journey showcases the potential for financial prosperity in the local business landscape of Entebbe. By identifying a niche, building meaningful client relationships, and delivering exceptional results, they have not only achieved personal success but have also contributed to the growth and development of the hospitality sector in their community.

As their story continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs in Entebbe and beyond, Shem and Bashir serve as shining examples of how strategic thinking, industry expertise, and a commitment to excellence can lead to extraordinary financial achievements. Their remarkable commission of UGX 560,000 in one transaction by recurring from the same client for future services offered to the same client by home care managers. and many more opportunities present in the dynamic business environment of Entebbe.


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