leaking house roofs.

Out of some of our personal experiences, one of our staff had a leaking roof when all she would do was stare at it till she opened up about it and all we did was laugh, in the end,#Home care managers fixed the best and lasting roof which she still thanks to date, still remains hilarious, anyways lets now get back to #your roofing, some questions to ask: how strong is your roof? what type of roof is it? for how long have you had it? and finally, how safe is you?.

So the best roofing you could basically ever have is concrete or clay tiles the rest are safe but not for long, is your roof the hip, flat, shed, butterfly, or bramble type? one of them, YES, let’s share more on the flat roofs, in case it’s leaking, how do you detect it? what do you do to fix it? what causes it and what does it cause to you?

Leaking roofs lead to the growth of molds, create dampness which affects your health, it goes ahead to cause emission of chemicals from the building materials, you can detect it by simply inspecting the roof a couple of times, checking your water blockage pipes and more to add, let’s see how they come about: through faulty installation, improper holes, chimney surroundings, damaged gutter and also weather effects from heavy rain, wind, and storms, but hey there! just make a request and download the #Home care managers app from #google play store then also use our link https://bit.ly/2XP41fM.


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