How to choose your painting colors

The hues’ chosen for rooms walls and ceiling can help determine if your interior design is a success or a fail. Try out this before you start painting, Bright colors- that’s vibrant shades of green & blue, yellow& orange provide an expensive feeling. These are friendly happy colors that encourage communication and are therefore welcomed in the dining and kitchen. Dark colors – such as red, purple, blue& green can have a constricting and gloomy effect but when applied in the right place they can help convey comfort security. Warm colors – orange &b yellow, raise the perceived temperature of a room. people say they painted in rooms facing North because they inspire activity, however, one must avoid them in rooms meant for relaxation like a bedroom. Cold colors – such as icy blue & green have a calming effect. They are especially well suited for bedrooms, they help you to go to bed relaxed in the evening and wake up refreshed the next morning. The other single colors like Navy blue – inhibit people’s willingness to communicate and should not be used in the living and dining areas. Red raises the energy level of a room but it may also make people more irritable and hostile, it should not be used in the kid’s room.

Now that you have chosen the colors, to begin with, consider the colors of items that already fill the space. The question is, is there a gorgeous painting on the wall? A stunning carpet? A colorful tile backsplash or a sofa?


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