Since you rest your head on your pillow every night, natural oils from your body, sweat, and other gunk will sweep into your pillows and get them dirty. This can cause a yellow discoloration in your pillows leaving a few stains and smells which will make you have uncomfortable sleepless nights instead of rest. However, as you clean the pillows, you have to clean the mattresses as well to have a full good rest in the night. But should know that you can clean your pillows and revive them instead of tossing and buying new ones unless they are too old and they need a fabric change and adding in some fiber in them to look brand new.

For one to clean your pillows check the tags on the pillows and see if they are machine washable, which can help the professional cleaners to know the type of pillow and the detergents to be used when cleaning. ln, most cases you can safely wash synthetic and down pillows. pillows should be washed at least two or four times a year (every four months) to help them last longer.

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