Pipework installation

Pipework installation is also known as piping. It involves installing pipe systems, repairing and maintaining faulty pipes. We have a well-trained and professional team of plumbers to detect any faulty or leaky pipes and find a solution for them. If a leaky pipe is not worked on immediately, it increases water bills and also damages the structural foundation.

Our Warranty

We are a fully registered company with a team of experienced and professional plumbers to handle any piping/pipework challenges at any given time of the day.

Site Safety Evaluation

As soon as we receive a pipework/ piping request from a customer, our plumbers go to the customer’s site to find out where the problem is and what is causing it to find the possible solution for it. It may be a leakage or blockage.

Our Pipe Work/Piping Services

  • Installing new pipes
  • Fixing leaky pipes
  • Unblocking clogged pipes

Other pipework pages

Our plumbers are well skilled to handle different pipework services, click on the links below and read more about the services;

-Fixing pipelines https://hcm.co.ug/fixing-pipelines

-Pipe leakages https://hcm.co.ug/plumbing-leakage


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