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Now when it comes to unexpected visitors in your household or compound, trust us to have them scared and frustrated with just a sniff around your comfort, we spray and control every bit of them out. Ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, bees, flies, black dudes, rats, toads, snakes, are all in for it. Watch us come right to your entrance as a team together to help you eradicate these awful creatures.

Our pest control services are fast, effective and we use eco-friendly safe products available in the market and done by highly trained and certified personnel for your safety. We fumigate;

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Compounds
  • Gardens
  • Restaurants and bars
house fumigation
House fumigation


Bats are highly social creatures so when you spot one, expect many hidden nearby. Home care managers pest control plan will help you get rid of bats. They destroy properties and cause diseases therefore when you realize them, call for bats fumigation. bats control services in Uganda.

Also be free from;

  •  bats destructions
  • Bad smell in the house
  • Diseases from bats like coronavirus.

 Bats enter your home through a small entry, crack, or hole and they infest from there, therefore, monitor and investigation your premises.

Rat trapping


These are easy to sport because of their bent antenna. Ants are similar to bees and wasps because the invade the premises once.


  1. Be ants free
black dudus
ants/black duduz

2. Be free from food contamination

3. Be free from diseases.


Infestation can occur unsparingly from even a clean house, sofas, beds. Bed bugs love wood/furniture a lot. They are small insects that can be confused with little cockroaches, we target their habitats to exterminate them. All furniture in the house has to be fumigated and the house should be closed for 2hrs because bedbugs die from the suffocation of the smell of the drug.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Eggs
  • Black spots
  • Bed bugs odor
  • Rusted bed joints 
  • Bed bugs fumigation

Guaranteed bed bug fumigation in Uganda;

                                Fumigation services solution

                                Eradication solution

                                Elimination forever

Bed Bug Control Services in Kampala

  •   Offers control of other insects
  •   Provides pocket-friendly bed bug control service
  •   Provides eco-friendly drugs
cockroach infestation
bed bug infestation


  Cockroaches can cause health problems for people in an infested house/premise. You can even experience allergy, asthma symptoms from breathing in cockroach waste. We offer the best cockroach control service solutions using eco-friendly drugs because cockroaches infest more in the kitchen area, outside toilets, and manholes.

Why? Be free from;

-diseases like typhoid

-roaches contaminating your food

-dirty, waste caused by cockroaches

-damages caused by cockroaches because they eat wood and food in the kitchen

kitchen cabinet fumigation
cockroaches fumigation


  Home Care Managers is the leading and best mosquito pest control service provider company. Mosquitoes can make your home more uncomfortable to you and visitors. You can control mosquitoes through;

-Reducing the number of breeding areas ie stagnant water

-Use mosquito repellant paint

If the infestation persists, call us to exterminate mosquitoes in your home, office, hotel, restaurant, bar.

Why get rid of mosquitoes;

 We are all aware of the results from mosquito bites, fumigate and be free from;

  • Malaria
  • Hospital expenses
  • Disturbance from that weird noise
Office fumigation


  These are the most dangerous in our premises or homes. It destroys wood, furniture, clothes, papers, files and we advise you to exterminate termites as immediately as possible. We control and exterminate termites from where they infest from and that’s the anthill. I f the anthill is not destroyed, chances are high the termites will infest again.

Why? Be free;

-from termite destructions

– high future expenses/loss

-from termite bites

Manhole fumigation
manhole fumigation


These are most dangerous in our homes, offices, hotels, and other premises because for them, they don’t destroy any property but they harm human beings. these include;

  • Snakes
  • Geckos
  • frogs
  • snails
  • millipedes etc.

We offer reptile control services in Uganda in the districts like Kampala, Mbarara, Gulu, Kitgum, Arua, etc. Our experts wear protective gadgets to exterminate them to avoid any harm.


why? Be free from;

  • Snake bites because it leads to loss of lives
  • Millipedes poison
  • Gecko bites


Now when it comes to rats, mice, these are very dangerous because they destruct and destroy everything at your premises.

Rats destroy clothes, contaminate foods, eat papers and destroy gardens. Generally, they are so wise and dangerous. We use traps to exterminate them because they are like human beings, they smell drugs. therefore, it becomes tricky to drug them.

rat trapping
Rat control method.


These include; flees, bat bugs, flies, caterpillars, ticks, fleas, jiggers, etc. They can all be found in the compound and indoors of the house.

We give offers and discounts for al our fumigation control services periodically because we are not cheap but can not ruin your wallet.

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