The manufacture of furniture pieces is always at our workshops. As we deliver your order, we also assemble all the products requiring assembly (such as tables, beds, and deckers, etc. We design and produce furniture to suit our customer’s requirements because we believe that it is always the right time to give your home and office the best furnishings from our workshops


  • Sofa sets               books shelves                 center tables
  • Coffee table          console tables                 tv stand
  • Dinning sets          sideboards                      kitchen
  • Barstools

We combine the latest trends and vintage to give you the best living room furniture because we are the best quality furniture producers in Uganda, the Best carpenters in Kampala, and furniture production in Kampala.

 The larger the room, the larger the living room seating, and the option that can help is the large u-shaped sofa and other pieces of furniture.

The living room should be the most comfortable place in any home because it’s where you work, spend the most time together with family and friends.

Make an order for any kind of furniture from us and be sure to be impressed no matter the design, color, and size. Whether you like natural wood surfaces or what, modern furniture is a good way to show off your sense of fashion. You can decorate your living room with modern U-shaped sofas, L-shaped sofas, recliners, bookshelves, center tables.

  • Tv stand
  • Dining sets
  • Console tables
  • Sideboard
  • sofas
  • center tables.

These can help you pull together a fashionable home.

We ensure that our clients are ever satisfied with our products and services. Since our furniture is customized, you don’t need to worry about extra costs because we give a quote for the whole process including delivery and assembling. Our team is hard-working, passionate, and will always behave to ensure customer satisfaction.

Red and grey sofa set


Whether it’s a traditional chair/sofa that once belonged to your grandmother or a dining table you bought a few years ago, Homecare managers’ technicians have the skills to repair your favorite pieces.

 -Revive that scratched coffee table.

 -Refresh your dresser with a new color of paint.

 -Color-match bedside drawer to your bed frame for an amazing look.

 -Fix furniture joint and structural damage to get rid of that weird noise.  Home care managers offer in-home or on-site furniture repair as a convenient alternative to costly furniture replacement

We repair and refurbish sofas , worn-out dining sets, faded kitchen cabinets, re-varnishing worn-out tables, and chairs.

We have repaired furniture for customers in Gulu, Aura, western Uganda, and central Uganda.

Homecare managers provide a full category of services to repair or restore the furniture in your home.

  • Furniture Repair & refurbishing: Return the original look and beauty to furniture that has been damaged or lost its functionality or even value.
  • Furniture Painting: Painting wood furniture gives life to new and old pieces. Our process includes carefully sanding and repairing blemishes, followed by applying primer/undercoat and paint.
  •  Scratch Repair: We use special products and techniques to fill in loose joints and scratches to restore your furniture.
  • Expert Color Matching: We can custom color-match wood furnishings,


Bring new life into your leather sofa.

If your leather sofas, recliners, or barstool seats have rips, scratches, or fade leather, the expert technicians at Home care managers can restore their original charm and elegance just buying dressing it with new leather or change to the fabric. Most of our repairs can be completed on-site and on your schedule.

Homecare managers have a variety of leather repair services:

  • Leather Repair: Repair loose seams, torn places, and holes in leather furniture.
  • Leather To Fabric: Replacing that fake leather into a nice fabric.
leather repair



If your fabric sofas and chairs have ripped seams, tears, and holes, call the skilled technicians at Homecare managers. Many of our upholstery repairs can be completed on-site and when it’s convenient for you. Re-upholstering your chairs and other furniture is a great way to update your décor at a cheaper cost of furniture replacement. Whether mid-century modern or classic and traditional, Homecare managers can repair and restore your fabric.

Homecare managers offer a variety of upholstery services:

  • Upholstery Repair: We can repair cambric dust covers, piping, seams and s-springs. We can also replace fabric cords, cushions and more.
  • Fabric to leather: Get complete replacement with high-quality Leather if your tired of dry cleaning the fabric.



Are your cabinets faded, scratched, or looking a bit dated? Good news: you don’t need a full cabinet replacement. You can get the feel of a brand-new kitchen or bathroom without the time — or budget — needed to install completely new cabinets.

Depending on the condition of your cabinets and the style you’re after, you have several options with a Homecare managers’ expert. Smaller-scale work includes cleaning and minor repairs of scuffs, scratches, and or touch-ups for missing color and finish. Or, for a full transformation, update paint or stain or reface your cabinets with new handles and door fronts.

Save Time & Money with a Cabinet Makeover

A full kitchen renovation can take weeks, if not months. When your kitchen or bathroom isn’t changing, you can save big with a cabinet makeover instead of a full cabinet replacement. Especially if you like elements of your cabinets or countertops, a more straightforward refurbish or even changing the cabinet paint or stain color can make a big impact.

For an entire style upgrade, though, cabinet refurbishing may be a better choice. By updating cabinet boxes with new handles or laminate and swapping out old with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts in styles like flat panel, raised panel, decorative glass, shake-style and more, you get a refreshed space without a complete tear-out.

How Cabinet Refurbishing, Repair, or Refacing Works

Homecare managers provide a variety of cabinet repair and restoration services from trusted carpenters. You can find a cabinet makeover solution that keeps your budget and schedule in mind.

  • Cabinet Repair & Restoration: Return damaged cabinet structure, color and finish back to its original condition. If your cabinet fronts or boxes have been structurally damaged from wear and tear, pets like cockroaches or vandalism, or the drawer runners are broken or not functional due to damaged hardware, a HCM expert can get your cabinets back to top condition.
  • Cabinet Refurbish: Renew existing cabinet color and finish to look like new. This is a great solution if you like your current cabinet style and color but want to freshen up normal wear and tear.
  • Cabinet Painting & Staining: Refresh existing cabinets with a new coat of paint or stain and finish. Updating the color of your cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom. Stain can enhance the look and grain of your current wood cabinets. Paint, on the other hand, covers up any wood grain but does provide a clean finish.
  • Countertop Removal Service: Our cabinet removal service saves the cabinets and supports and protects the countertops while your disaster-damaged cabinets are removed, restored and installed.

Why You Should Consider Repair vs. Replace

Normal wear and tear can show on furniture, fixtures, and other wood surfaces over time. Scratches, dents, lines, spills, and watermarks may be eyesores, and some can even lead to structural damage. Luckily, damage like this doesn’t mean the item needs to be thrown away. By choosing to repair or restore your items, you’ll also be able to:

  • Restore value to the furniture, cabinetry or millwork.
  • Save money by fixing damaged areas instead of paying for a total replacement.
  • Hang on to any sentimental value attached to the pieces.

The Benefits of Choosing HOMECARE MANAGERS

When you choose the Homecare managers expert near you, you’ll work with experienced, trained technicians to first evaluate your damaged furniture, millwork, or cabinetry and provide an estimate. Then based on your schedule, your technician will coordinate the repair and restoration of your property for a time convenient to you or your business.

If you own or manage commercial properties, consider our application for regularly scheduled on-site repairs with small disruption.

Find an On-site Repair & Restoration Technician Near You

Contact your local homecare manager’s technician to schedule your on-site repair work today. And if you’re interested in learning more about our programs for commercial properties, email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch soon.


The bedroom isn’t a place for only sleeping, it’s a private place where you can eat from, watch the news, work on pc, and many more because a good slumber will let you face the next day and take on the world.

We produce;

  • wooden Bed and padded beds
  • Sophisticated beds
  • Dressers
  • Bedside drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • benches
  • Baby beds
  • Decker’s

Whatever your choice, beautifully crafted bedroom furniture is an ideal investment that will take years.

With our professional carpenters, you can make your dream bedroom a reality, and when it comes to the decorative furniture in your bedroom when given a chance to make a design you want with the help of our interior designers.

Padded bed
padded bed

Other products

  • Wooden doors
  • Bedroom pieces
  • Our door-chairs
  • picnic tables
  • kitchen cabinets
Red sofas

As part of our commitment to producing our clients with a better solution to meet their unique expectations, we produce all products in the preferred type of wood like mahogany, pine, cider, blockboards, and Laments, and MDF boards, because we pay extra attention to details when it comes to quality finishing.

We are deeply connected to the areas where we operate because of our existence for the last 10 years, supplying most districts in Uganda. HCM is the source of value that improves; safety, and profitability when it comes to furniture production. Furniture near me, Affordable furniture in Kampala, and Quality furniture in Uganda.

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