We know that every day has its new minor and big issues when it comes to how pipes in our households can be stubborn with any slight twist or damage around them. Plumbing problems come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, minor and major like clogs and blockages, leaking pipes, a dripping faucet, slow draining sink, running toilet, faulty water heater, low water pressure, sewage problems, broken drain pipes. And if not worked on they may result in major problems like structural damage

We do installations of all plumbing appliances including washing machine installation and fitting, kitchen sink installation, bathroom sink installation, bathtub installation, toilet installation, water heater installation.

Pipework installation

Plumbing Installation Services

Whether you need a new water heater, or you want to makeover a bathroom or kitchen entirely, HCM has the products and provides plumbing installation services to take a project from start to finish.

Our licensed plumbing technicians will work with you to do a job you’ll appreciate long after it’s finished.

Plumbing Installation Services Include:

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Water Heaters (traditional and tankless)
  • Pipes
  • Water Filtration, Purifiers, and Softener
  • Sewer Lines

HCM will manage all local permits for a job and necessary inspections. When you want installations, repairs, or maintenance – call us or schedule an appointment online

Our Warranty

We are a fully registered company with a team of experienced and professional plumbers to handle any piping/pipework challenges at any given time of the day.

Site Safety Evaluation

As soon as we receive a pipework/ piping request from a customer, our plumbers go to the customer’s site to find out where the problem is and what is causing it to find the possible solution for it. It may be a leakage or blockage.

Our Pipe Work/Piping Services

  • Installing new pipes
  • Fixing leaky pipes
  • Unblocking clogged pipes
fixing a leaking pipe

Plumbing appliance installation/fitting

We have trained and professional technicians experienced in installing home or office appliances including washing machines, water heaters, sinks, shows, toilets, tubs, showers, refrigerators. Improper appliance installation may disrupt your daily activities at home and also result in problems like water damage, leaking water, washing machines not draining.

Our Warranty

We are a fully registered property maintenance company with a team of professional plumbers to handle all your plumbing appliance installation needs

Site Evaluation

When a customer raises a need to install a new sink, toilet, bathtub, water tank, our team goes on site to measure where the faucet is to be installed and estimate the number of materials to be used in the installation process.

Our Appliance Installation Services

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Water heaters
  • Washing machine installation and fitting

Our Customers

Our devoted is always ready to handle and support residential clients and commercial clients including homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, offices

Benefits of Choosing Us

  • 24/7 availability
  • Professional and skilled plumbers
  • Drainage repairs
water heater installation
water heater installation


We know you have other concerns and don’t want to worry about clogged drains and leaky pipes.

Homecare managers has licensed and trained professionals who offer the highest quality plumbing repair services. When you see an HCM uniform, you can be assured that your water heater issues, piping problems, water/gas leaks, clogged drains, and sluggish sewer lines will be repaired according to local and state specifications.

Whether you’re dealing with a water or gas leak, you’ll want to take care of it as soon as possible. Both can lead to serious home damage and costly repairs. Although it only happens rarely, a natural gas leak can occur inside the home. A gas leak is dangerous because it increases the risk of fire or explosion.

HCM will respond promptly to emergency calls. We operate 24/7, 365 days/year.

A common plumbing problem you’re likely to experience is a clogged toilet or drain line. While this may happen somewhat regularly, it doesn’t mean it’s easy for you to tackle on your own. HCM plumbing professionals can help you quickly and efficiently.

HCM plumbing also specializes in water heater repair and installation. Standard water heaters and tankless water heaters can provide comfort and energy savings if installed and working properly.

Contact Homecare managers now to schedule an appointment for plumbing system repair.

Plumbing Repair Services

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets
  • Gas or Electric Water Heater
  • Pipe Repair and Replacement
  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Sewer Inspection
  • Clogged Drains
  • Water Filtration and Purification
  • Pipe and Appliance Leaks

Drainage Repair Services

At some point, we face drainage emergencies/problems in our homes and offices and no one wants to have a blocked toilet, bathtub, sink, slow or clogged sink, draining, foul odor, water flooding, septic tank break, drain pipe repair

Drainage repair services

  • Drain pipe repair
  • Fixing a broken drain pipe
  • Unblocking blocked sink, toilet, bathtub
Unblocking a clogged kitchen sink
unblocking a blocked sink

Pipe Blockage Services

Waking up to a blocked toilet, sink, bathtub or shower can be a nightmare. Blocked drains are the most common plumbing issues faced by different properties like homes, offices, schools, hotels, and hospitals. Pipe blockage problems include blocked drain pipe, blocked toilet, blocked sink, blocked water pipe, blocked pipe, sewage blockage

Pipe blockage services

  • Clearing pipe blockages
  • Water pipe blockage
  • Clearing a blocked toilet
  • Unblocking drain pipe
  • Clearing sewage blockage

Other Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing Inspection

Most home plumbing pipelines don’t get the attention of a homeowner until there’s a problem with kitchen faucets or they need a toilet repair.

That’s too bad, because most plumbing problems can be detected early and fixed faster with regular inspections before causing serious damages.

Our licensed plumbers are experts at leakage detection in your home plumbing system in your home. They look for signs of things that could become issues, such as inside wall pipe leaks that can cause your home’s foundation to shift or even break.

  • Installing new plumbing appliances like sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, water heaters.
  • Fixing leakages
  • Unclogging sinks, toilets
  • Repairing and maintaining faulty faucets
  • Water heater repairs

Benefits of Choosing HCM

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Professional and skilled plumbers
  • Peace of mind

Our Warranty

We are a fully registered property maintenance company dealing in plumbing works and repairs. Our team is qualified and well trained to handle all kinds of domestic and commercial plumbing services.

Areas We Operate in:

We have a team of committed professional plumbers to offer all kinds of plumbing services and emergencies you need in all districts around Uganda. This includes Kampala, Jinja, Wakiso, Entebbe.

Our Customers

Our devoted team is always ready to support residential and commercial clients including homes, hotels, schools, restaurants.

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