Stone is one of the oldest building materials that are still popular among builders today, mainly for exterior walls and highlighting some interior wall sections. The stone exterior gives your home or commercial property a rustic, elegant natural look as well as offers an affordable appeal with minimal renovations. Whether marble, slate, sandstone, granite, or any other type of natural stone, a stone can be a great selection for the external walls of your structure, making it stand out among glass and steel walls.

But Here Is The Challenge!

Though the stone exterior is a modern fashion that makes your building look attractive as well as complements its natural environment, the great appearance may only last for a short while after installation. If you are having stained, cracked, or corroded stone external walls, you are not alone. Like other building materials such as steel, bricks, and glass, the beauty of your stone outer walls can easily be washed away by environmental factors and human activities. But there’s nothing to worry about.

I have good news! Being a natural material, with simple stone cleaning and maintenance, can keep your building stone faces looking natural and clean today and for many years. In other words, you can protect the natural beauty of your outer walls as well as restore affected walls within a small budget. Below are some helpful care and maintenance tips that can safeguard your investment for years.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Stone For Exterior Material?

Though more expensive than other available options in the market, stone exterior walls offer several lasting benefits to property owners. These benefits include:

1. Attractive Appearance

When you want to give your building a classical feel and sustainable outer beauty, stone walls can be a great choice. You can choose rough or unfinished designs as well as blend combined stones with other exterior materials to produce a unique look with a natural touch. Moreover, a stone exterior is a sign of durability which can increase your home value.

2. Flexible Design And Styles

Stone is available in various types, textures, shapes, and colors, giving you a wide range of architectural designs to choose from based on your taste and preference.

3. Durability

Very few materials are harder than natural stone making them durable for external wall building. Stones are more resistant to ice, rain, sun, wind, or damage from living organisms. They can also endure fire and moisture which translates to less renovation costs.

4. Environmental Friendly

In most places stones are available locally, hence no transportation is required. This minimizes the emission of toxic gas which is a major air pollutant. Besides, stones make permanent structures reducing the rate at which new materials are harvested.

Want To Know Natural Stone Cleaning Tips?

Key Exterior Stone Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

stone maintenance tips

1. Understanding The Common Causes Of Exterior Stone Damages

Stone walls are vulnerable to a number of weather and human elements which can stain or corrode the surfaces thereby spoiling both the beauty and strength aspect of stone walls.

• Rain And Air Pollution

Minerals and chemical pollutants in the air or rainwater can form acidic compounds which wear out the stone damaging its physical appearance and weakening your structure

• Dust

Dust can accumulate on the stone surfaces, and if not regularly cleaned, give your stone faces a dull and old look. If ignored for a long time, dust and other debris can stain your exterior surfaces.

• Human Activities

Human errors during installation can expose your stone walls and allow water to penetrate into the stone which can result in permanent damage. Other human damages include poor drainage and graffiti.

2. Preventing Stone Exterior Damages

One of the most effective and less expensive ways to keep your exterior stone looking clean and new is to protect the outer walls against various vulnerabilities. This avoids severe damages which can lead to expensive renovations. This involves ensuring that initial installations, routine maintenance, and repairs are done correctly. You can rely on exterior stone wall maintenance experts from Basildon Stone to ensure all the work is carried out by trained personnel using the right tools and cleaning products. This minimizes the chances of human error, which can result in bigger stone problems.

3. Exterior Stone Inspection

There are two types of inspections:

• Routine Inspection

It is important to examine your structure’s outer walls at least twice every year to confirm the overall stonework is in good condition. This helps to identify exterior stone issues at an early stage so that you can counter them before they advance to serious problems. Regular inspection examines stains, corrosion, and cracks among other faults on the surface.

• Pre-Maintenance Inspection

Before cleaning or repairing your walls, it is critical to assess the maintenance needs such as determining the stone type, identify and gauging the extent of destruction so as to choose the right care process and products. Some stone problems may require major renovations while others can be restored with simple cleaning.

4. Cleaning And Restoration

Every type of exterior stone whether granite, limestone, or marble needs to be cleaned and refurbished from time to time to keep them in their best condition. However, the cleaning and renovation process should be done by a professional, since there are several methods based on the type of stone and the degree of damage identified during the inspection. You can consult Basildon Stone to learn the best cleaning method for your building.

A general process comprises of:

——— Step 1: ——————

Establish a cleaning plan  This involves preparing suitable cleaning equipment, cleaners, and the whole cleaning process. Some stone exteriors are acid-sensitive, so you should avoid acid-based products. Stone soap, neutral cleaners, and mild liquid washing detergents are recommended for most outer stone surfaces, but Basildon Stone specialists can always advise you on the best products and tools for cleaning your structure exterior.

——— Step 2: ——————

Cleaning process – Use clean water and recommended cleaners to mop away sand particles, dust, stains, and any unnatural marks on the stone and rinse the services with clean water. Sometimes clean warm water gives the best result. The goal is to clear any stains, paints, or drawings on the walls to restore their natural look and color.

——— Step 3: ——————

Restoring the exterior stone – After cleaning, some extra stonework may be necessary to store the stone surfaces back to their original natural look. This may involve polishing and buffing to reinforce and restore the surface back to its normal condition and appearance.

——— Step 4: ——————

Protective measures – After gaining back your structure’s outer stone’s physical appearance, you can go the extra mile to prevent future damage. This includes sealing and caulking to protect the stone against damages by making it more stain, rust, and water resistant as well as prevent dust, ice, and salt deposits. You may need professional help to identify the best sealer for your walls.

5. Sustain A Regular Cleaning And Maintenance Schedule

Regular exterior stone maintenance can save you money and time. It is important to have your structure exterior cleaned and restored regularly, preferably twice a year to avoid costly repairs as well as maintain an elegant structural look. This will uncover developing stone problems so that they can be addressed in a timely manner before they escalate beyond repair.

6. Professional Skills And Safety Matters

In a DIY-minded society, I know you would prefer to take the cleaning tasks by yourself. This can be good, but only if you have the relevant skills and equipment. Otherwise, you need to work with the help of a trained professional with knowledge about the processes and tools for the tasks. Besides, some of the cleaning and maintenance tasks must be undertaken by a certified technician for the purpose of compliance.

However, you can always consult HOMECAREMANAGERS experts and learn how you can handle some of these processes. Before you start cleaning or repairing damaged stone exteriors, always ensure that you have the right safety equipment that can keep you safe even when you are working on high walls.


You can choose a stone exterior to give your property an elegant appearance. Many buildings such as hotels, schools, residential homes, and commercial buildings as well as other structures like monuments look classically natural and unique with outer stone surfaces. However, if neglected the beauty of your exterior stone is only short-lived due to possible damages. Thus regular cleaning and maintenance are critical to keeping your exterior surfaces at their natural attractiveness.

Moreover, working with a person with skills and experience in stone maintenance can help you maintain the beauty of your investment for years within a manageable budget. If you are sick and tired of your algae-infested exterior, or you want to get rid of notorious stains on your outer walls, you can talk to HCMHUBAPP for guidance and professional assistance. If your stone surfaces look as clean as new, it is important to realize that only through routine maintenance and cleaning you can maintain


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