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Have you ever felt like suffocating in your own room due to low air supply? air vent covers are the best solution to that problem. They play a big role in your home since they help in controlling and circulation of air throughout the entire room. Vent covers come in different types like basic type and decorative type. The basic type is also known as the standard type, it can be painted to match the floor and ceiling. The decorative vent covers improve the room’s decor by giving a unique look to your room and can be custom-made by a technician according to the design you may want. Ensure that you take proper care & regular maintenance of your vent covers, it improves air quality by removing the dust, bacteria, and fungi. Download HCM HUB APP https://bit.ly/2XP41fM from the play store and make a request to get durable vent covers or a professional technician to make you a custom-made air vent cover.