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Have you ever come back home tired, opening the gate and you find leaves from trees or polythene bags(buveras) scattered all over your compound? and then you decide to clean the compound but tools are scattered or being kept in different places around the house and you cannot find some of them. It gets so tiring walking around the house looking for brushes, brooms, rakes, spades and also takes a lot of time. You find yourself wasting time which you could have used working on other things or even resting. Having a tool storage rack in your home is very important, it keeps your home tools safe and organized. In case you have trees or plants at home, they tend to shed off leaves and make the compound dirty. You will have to clean your compound at least every day to make it tidy, you can choose to clean early in the morning, afternoon, or every evening. When going to clean a compound or even collect rubbish you will need a broom to sweep the rubbish, a rake to collect rubbish, and even a spade to help you pick up the collected rubbish to a place where you want to dump it.

Maintaining your compound and garden requires a wide range of tools like hoes, spades, brushes, rakes, etc. Many people store their tools in the garage or kitchen while others just throw them aside after cleaning or digging which makes the home untidy. If you are facing the challenges of keeping and organizing tools, consider investing in a garden tool storage rack. It can be made in different designs and materials like wood or metal depending on what you prefer. Below are some of the benefits of tool storage racks;

   -Tool Organization

         A tool storage rack contains enough storage space for storing and organizing all compound tools. It can keep your tools in an organized way and you will find them exactly where you placed them the next time you need to use them.

   -Easy access to the tools

         You will be able to access your tools easily when you need them. A tool storage rack displays tools making it easy to access any tool you need to use in just seconds.

-Keeps the tools safe

         It keeps all your tools safe and not so exposed to different weather conditions. Some tools are metallic and do not need to be exposed to rain because they will rust.

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