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Kitchen deco

kitchen design

A kitchen can be an area or place where food is prepared. Most people nowadays mind the color put in their kitchens and the designs that are the type and color of cabinets, the wall tiles, floor, and the lighting up in the ceiling. Every color has a reason according to the person, for example, the black lovers say, “It’s one eyesight”, grey lovers say ” it makes you feel attached to the kitchen”, green lovers “it’s called nature “, white lovers ” feel the light”. Everyone has a mind of their color and reason. Every designer has to first know the size, space and what kind of kitchen does the owner wants. Then you can begin to think of the kitchen decor for example what shelves will be needed, kind of cabinets, pantry, the lighting also matters in the kitchen. Lighting goes with the kind of furniture put in place to make the place have a bright and clear appearance to the users