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The festive season has almost started and it’s necessary to have your lawn mowed, it’s unavoidable chore maintenance. A nicely and properly mowed lawn is pleasant for your eyes and also for the people visiting you. Cutting your grass regularly is important if you want to have an attractive & healthy lawn. It keeps the grass short and neat. There are things you have to consider before cutting the grass:

  1. Know your grass type. Knowing the type of your lawn helps you find out the optimal height at which it should grow and you’ll be able to mow accordingly to maintain this height.

     2. Cut off 1/3 of the grass height. If you cut more it can damage the roots and also promote weed growth.

There are several reasons as to why you should cut grass in the compound regularly and we’ve listed some of them,

  • Cutting grass regularly eliminates pests

                  When you let your lawn overgrow, it can easily be infested by insects and pests. Tallgrass attracts insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and pests like rats, mice, moles, rabbits, cats, dogs which can create problems with your lawn and spread various diseases. Cutting your grass regularly can prevent pests.

  • Proper mowing keeps your grass healthy and attractive. Grass tends to grow fast and should be maintained to be kept in proper shape.
  • The lawn will grow consistently and uniformly when cut regularly. This is because after mowing all the grass areas will have equal access to sun and water.
  • When grass is cut regularly it becomes easier to get rid of weeds.
  • Stronger grass.

                When your grass is cut regularly, the healthier and stronger grass shoots you will have.

It’s very important to cut your grass regularly to have an attractive, healthy lawn and also get rid of pests. But if your lawn has already been infested by pests and insects, consider contacting professional pest control services.