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Simple ways to get rid of rats at home

Rats can make your life miserable in your own home, if you have rats you need to know what is really attracting them to your home. They live inside and outside your home. These are the main things that attract rats to your home;

 Shelter & Warmth: Rats come to your house looking for shelter and they love nice warm places. Rats can hide in a living room, bedroom, bathroom, garage, and kitchen behind cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, pipework or cables, drains.

 Food: Rats can literally eat anything they come across, they eat rice, fruits, vegetables, milk, clothes, soap, meat, cereals, oats, small insects, seeds, grains, and pet food. That is why they are always attracted to garbage bins to eat trashed food.

 Leaking pipes: Rats need water too, they are attracted to leaking pipes, pet water bowls in order to get water.

 Poor sanitation: Rats are generally attracted to unhygienic places. If you have trash or garbage is scattered all over the house, sticky soda, wine, food bits, urine stains on the floor, and countertops rats will love it.

 Plants: Fruits and plants like pumpkins, potatoes, carrots act as food to rats and some plants act as hiding spots for rats.

 Pet waste: Rats eat cat, dog waste(poo).

 Holes or cracks in a wall, floor, or ceiling will give rats easy access to your home since they can squeeze through and enter your house.

Rats aren’t a good thing in your home because they can bring a lot of problems for your home,they are dangerous to humans and also cause damage to a house or property.

  • They damage furnishings since they chew wood furniture, fittings, leather, curtains, carpets, fabrics.
  • They spread diseases like plague, hantavirus, asthma, and allergies through urine, droppings(poo), and bites.
  • Rats contaminate food and drinks with their poo, urine, and hair if left uncovered which may lead to bacterial infections.
  • Structural damage to houses. Rats have strong teeth able to eat wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, water pipes.
  • Rats chew electrical wires which may cause fires at home, school, hospital, or hotel.
  • Rats carry fleas and ticks to a home.

Simple things you can do by yourself to get rid of rats at home, school, or office before contacting a pest control professional

  • Keeping your home clean and tidy.
  • Regularly check for leaks at home, if you notice any leakage like leaking pipes fix them right away.
  • Store all food in containers
  • Clean pet waste(cat,dog poo) immediately
  • Repair or seal holes, cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floors 
  • Regularly check your flower pots for any rat signs
  • Cover trash in a garbage bin with lids

If you notice any rat droppings(poo), rat holes, rat nests, scratching noises at night, tooth marks, these are signs of rat infestations. Consult a pest control professional to get help.